Cheap Guns: Cobra Derringers - Pocket CCW on the Cheap

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Author: Kazizuru
Good review
Author: Gardagal
I have a Cobra Derringer and no matter how hard or what position you pull the trigger the hammer will not fall. Do not let your life on one of these.
Author: Kizilkree
I had a Davis .22 derringer back in the day. It was a POS. The safety fell out of it. The trigger felt like it had a semi truck leaf spring. All this and Im looking at a Cobra 38 for shits and giggles.
Author: Meztihn
I'd rather have a naa 22mag with five shots and it's smaller.
Author: Arashirr
Aim for the belly, hit 'em in the chest. That's good for me.
Author: Douzil
Ten feet or less.
Author: Zulugal
No one calls small guns belly guns...
Author: Malanris
Say what you want I wouldn't stand in front of it
Author: Kigajind
bigg ups on the struts T i happen to have a 38 sp
Author: Bragrel
My friend want info on making a cheap functionality working gun for a friend
Author: Shaktit
I currently have a Glock 19 & a Glock 26 . I keep one in the chamber, one extra loaded magazine for each plus a 33 round magazine. That's 85 rounds of 9mm. If I can't solve the problem with 85 rounds, two more are unlikely to help. Not impossible, mind.
Author: Disida
jebidia freeman , I see what you're saying and I imagine that there are scenarios where a derringer could save the day, but speaking unfortunately from experience, those scenarios are both rare and niche. Let me throw in a pair of examples .
Author: Goltiramar
KelTec P32.
Author: Yozahn
Author: Kazizshura
Rule #2. Do not allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to destroy.  The gun is loaded and you immediately cover both barrels with your index finger.   C'mon man!
Author: Kale
One of the worst demos I've see. VERY poor camera work and no points of reference. TERRIBLE
Author: Samum
I bought a cobra 38 Special derringer brand new from a coworker and I only paid $40 for it, by far the best investment I’d say. From this video I’m excited to shoot it but I wonder if the recoil is ridiculous lol
Author: Tygojar
Pick mine up in 10 days. Glad you did this video. I'm thinking if you file the front sight down might increase the accuracy. Also I have seen videos shown problem with these and how to fix them.
Author: Kagajas
I hope to God that you never have to shoot someone in self defense but if you do, I hope to God that you don't miss.
Author: Gokus
Derringers are not meant to be accurate firearms, they are made for super close quarters like a bedroom or in the old west, across a poker table. Derringers are some of the most coolest guns. But I do have to join the crowd on your safety but it happens
Author: Brajar
Probably better off with a Jennings 22 / Jimenez 22 semi-auto.  Or the .380 caliber.  I think the Derringers are cool, but better off left to just casual target shootings and not for carrying loaded.
Author: Dajar
Anybody know a fix for one that wont shot both barrels?
Author: Dagami
Derringers by bond arms are more accurate, throw them two away b4 they get you killed
Author: Kagagal
How dependable are the Cobra Semi-autos?
Author: Vishakar
I guess this world be better than a sharp stick. I prefer my NAA .22 magnum Pug.
Author: Gugami
Good video but next time can we see the back of the target plz that's what we look forward too.
Author: Turg
I used to have the Davis, But have a couple NAA 5 shot .22 magnum that is much more accurate and 5 rounds vs 2.
Author: Fenrishura
They all shoot high! It's a fact of life with a short barrel like that. Simple, you aim at the guy's nuts, you'll hit him in the chest. Mine is a .38 and it always hits dead on by aiming that low.
Author: Grokazahn
I have worked on a couple of the rim fire models. Each had a broken firing pin from dry firing. The firing pin tends to break away the portion of the pin which does not contact the frame when dry fired.
Author: Nami
Belly gun is a 19th century term relating to Colt 1873s that bad the barrel cut really short or even removed in the case of the 1873. To use them you thrust them into the victim's belly before pulling the trigger.
Author: Shale
Am halfway tthrough watching the video. Did you mention that the first derringer was .38 special? Hmm. Maybe I missed it.
Author: JoJotaur
I bought a Cobra C 38 for a deep concealment piece back in 2012.Had to use it for self defense in 2014 after never having to pull steel on a criminal before.
Author: Akik
Both guns shoot about a foot high? But that's not you...right? It's the guns.
Author: Dijind
Derringer are not the best CC pistols nor or they target pistols...but they are fun to mess around with. Better than not having a pistol...I've got the chrome Cobra 22mag with the 22LR barrel both fun to shoot with hardly any recoil but are loud...6'-8' weapon max. I added elk horn grips to mine to pimp it out, I can hide it anywhere on my person. I had the 380 but did not like the normal carry is a S&W model 60 357, the derringer is just fun to shoot and carry.
Author: Groramar
OTOH, if I'm in a situation where I absolutely can't carry my Glock, then yes a derringer would be quite useful. It depends upon your assessed threat level.
Author: Nijar
Another issue for derringers is what if you're in a situation where you need more than 2 rounds NOW?
Author: Kajiramar
I suppose that if you absolutely couldn't carry anything else, this derringer would have a use case . But considering that from the same company for the same price, or less, you can get the CA380 & the FS380 , which offer 5&7 rounds respectively of only a little less power , these derringers are for me , a tough sell. Not to mention that if you can go $200 there's the Patriot 380 offering 10 rounds or 5x the firepower !
Author: Gabar
Load 2 live rounds, close the action, and then aim the gun directly into the palm of your hand. Great video bro...
Author: Yozshulabar
They're designed to be upper-shooters. Why? Hip shooting while panicked.
Author: Kajilmaran
Author: Kigalrajas
It's meant to be a backup to your backup, the thing you pull out right before you have to pull out your pocket knife lol
Author: Nidal
That poor tree!
Author: Shaktile
shoot a158 grain should be closer to point of aim with that gun.....
Author: Yozshugore
8 rounds.
Author: Yozshunos
My cobra 9mm also failed to fire when I was testing it with a friend on it's first outing. Its good to see that I'm not the only person to have this happen.
Author: Vojora
that would be a expensive day shooting Hornady ammo!
Author: Nejinn
Full snot!? I aint never heard that before
Author: Shazuru
I have one of these and the hammer will not fall no matter how hard you pull the trigger
Author: Tojaktilar
I love mine, I have the 9mm!!


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