Chalk Circle - Great Lake

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Author: Mushicage
They sound amazing live. I hope they do a couple of shows in the GTA soon!
Author: Manos
Wow, still going. I still listen to Mending Wall & The Great Lake nowadays; great music lives on. Empty Park is my favorite. A giant tour with Platinum Blonde & Honeymoon Suites would be great.
Author: Faudal
Click my profile to see some of Chris's solo stuff. Canada's most underrated talent ever.
Author: Moogukree
Been looking for this song for years! Brings back such great memories. Thank you for posting.
Author: Votaxe
Hey Andrew, thanks from Helsinki for this. Great memories indeed!
Author: Gardam
You are welcome, glad you enjoyed it.
Author: Vum
Glad you enjoyed, it was a great vibe that night. Cheers.


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