Canada Post asks foreign mail services to stop shipments

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Author: Samujas
Our country is full of people that would be honoured to work for those pay and benefits, high time that the employees that are walking off good paying jobs with pension and benefits remember that! How many of the Sears employees would be willing to take one of those jobs?
Author: Moogukora
Their strike is not effecting me at all. Let them strike all through winter in -40c weather. I will get some entertainment out of it.
Author: Jusar
Canada is not a developed country. Dont even have proper mail service.
Author: Mikashicage
Wow Canada Post is few decades behind even third world countries. Just wow im astonished the only postal service that doesnt like work if all of those were paid then i don't see how there would be any conflict job mismanagement might be the issue.
Author: Dibar
Government Unions are greedy and need to be shutdown.
Author: Kajishakar
Author: Got
Perfect! People need to relearn respect for Canadian institutions and the humans who make them excellent and necessary!
Author: Malataxe
Where can other countries hold Canada post? We need space too selfish it's your problem not ours.
Author: Malanris
Just do what they want, this is getting ridiculous..
Author: Nizahn
Hey CBC you need to fire your sound guy. Harsh S sounds coming from the female news reporter in this clip. Your sound guy is supposed to fix that.
Author: Arashisho
Canada post is broken, totally useless.
Author: Kazigami
Your postal services are selfish taking away from the innocent this holiday season... Guess Canadians are as nice as they pretend
Author: Daigore
Canada Post strikes , people find better alternatives , volume drops , a 40 year cycle that will soon conclude in Canada Post ceasing to exist and stiffing taxpayers with a massive underfunded legacy of pensions and benefits .
Author: Nabei
lool no one celebrates kwanza
Author: Kigat
Get back to work you lazy hosers! I've got packages to mail to my Canadian friends!
Author: Vudogore
I’m new to Canada. Been living here for 2 years. I trusted Canada Post. But now stopping shipments of my Black Friday order? Really? I’m switching to amazon when I get my package.
Author: Magar
Sad that the United state postal service does better than Canada post
Author: Zuzil
I totally get why they want to strike but before Christmas is just rediculous. They did it last year as well.
Author: Akinoshakar
Canada Post is one of the worst post offices, period. I've lived in the UK and Australia, and the Royal Mail and even Australia Post are light years ahead of them. Shameful.
Author: Dinris
I got a (step) family member who works there and it's a real joke. If you basically do a "normal day" of work you get bonuses.
Author: Nakus
I see both sides... however it is downright shameful that people cannot send mail to loved ones, because of a strike.
Author: Durisar
Canada: The first world country, with a third world post office.
Author: Akinogal
Keep sending mails to Canada Post. They should learn all the consequences for being so self centred.
Author: Daigis
We need to just make a new post office
Author: Vozuru
I guess that birthday card that I sent in beginning of October from the U.S. isn't going to get there until next year. :(
Author: Kat
Shame on you Canada Post
Author: Kecage
The timing of this strike is intentionally picked for added pressure. Nobody cares about customers. Maybe it's time to end the monopoly?
Author: Zulujar
Canada Post needs to end. There are plenty of private entities that actually compete to provide service. Let them have it all.
Author: Felmaran
They gonna be a big backlog in mail delivery this season
Author: Arashigis
Canada Post. You’ve disappointed all the Canadians.
Author: Kar
Author: Brazilkree
Why aren't the CBC criticizing the Government for this? Oh yeah, they're incapable of criticizing their girlfriend, Justine.
Author: Vizilkree
best settle that strike then!
Author: Mezishakar
Author: Malagor
Time for the Feds to step in and order back to work!!
Author: Tauktilar
So don't expect any amazon shipments?
Author: Arashirg
Employees 50,000 +
Author: Maurn
I ordered a christmas present from the states two days ago which isn't meant to ship for another week... does this mean it's not coming anymore? Even if it's supposed to be coming from UPS?
Author: Gojinn
Author: Dale
Good job Canada post... Keep digging your graves, you entitled pricks.
Author: Kelkree
My USA shipment came in today.
Author: Vuhn
Which will bring PROFIT even higher.
Author: Fenrilabar
Omg I just ordered from the uk 😩
Author: Malkree
ok ill just pay extra for ups i guess
Author: Toran
This is just staging a situation so they can justify closing Canada Post and privatizing. There will be no lessening of expenses however, all Canadians will be forced for pay for all mail on top. This is how they like to extort money. Plus then mail is handled by private companies and we know how much they keep the interests of people/customers first. That was a joke in case any one missed it.
Author: Jujinn
right before the christmas season..nice
Author: Vujinn
The strike had no reason for the delays eh🤔 blaming cyber mon and Black Friday lmfao it’s no surprise people have been purchasing online for years. Xpresspost is a joke I have never received in 2-3 delivery days which they guarantee🙄Canada post also release a statement admitting employees are purposely not sending packages through lol mad they didn’t get what they want lol fire rehire. Over paid whiny peeps. 😳
Author: Bashakar
Their last negotiations, end with no raise and being mandated back to work. They deserve a raise just as much as almost all industries in Canada. Wages and average earnings have not been following inflation and cost of living. This company and the mail industry are all living wage jobs, which support families and communities. This is an important part of our society.
Author: Ararr
Instead your problem and stock it in a storage facility in Canada
Author: Kaziramar
This is BS, they lost my package once and never deliver on time, when they do decide to deliver it just goes to the post office to be picked up. This is a shame for Canadians.
Author: Akilar
This is ridiculous. Just hire more people.
Author: Torg
I think he was.
Author: Terisar
Why can't canadian postal workers get paid?
Author: Kazijind
The post office in Canada and their deliverie drivers are the worstThe delivery guy that comes to my building just gives the parcels to anyone .I have complained to the post office for the last 8 years that i have been living in here post office DOES NOT CARE.People should start dealing with some one else.Someone who cares aboutt their job as well as their custumers .I worked in a post office a few years back its a joke (a bad one) what people in there did with mail and parcels.Crates of wine were damaged bottles taken and case disposed in garbage.And don't ever send cash in christmas cards .I stoped using Canada Post years ago .Who needs thieves and bad service. Also a delivery guy for the post office used to leave in my building 5 days a week that guy would bring 6 to 8 boxes home.I used to think that they had a lot of money to buy so much stuff.Well i don't know what happened i haven't seen the driver for over a year, since 3 police cars came to his place.I wonder was he.........
Author: Zulugal
Get a Us post office box.
Author: Najar
the mail must be delivered contact postmaster general and complain that corperate mail service is failing in its duties and sue them
Author: Dougore
And "With all the other shippers out there. We don't need a public post office." So why should anyone care about a strike? Why does the media keep saying we are GREEDY, when the most important issues we are fighting for are Safe working conditions, an 8 hour day and pay equity. The last PAY EQUITY was a mutually agreed upon arbitration. If you lost in arbitration you would respect the ruling. Does the post office think they are above the courts?
Author: Mezijin
People have no concept of understanding in reality they are trying to help your guys get all the other packages first that have been backed up before and then they will make there worker extra over time over what they already doing to get your packages but do you people realize all those packages that come from those country that they said have to go thru a screening of cbsa as well before so they contribute to holding the packages and being late
Author: Zutaur
What's the natural disaster here that's stopping our mail 3:11 in interview?
Author: Brami
Problem solved.
Author: Mezigor
Time to fire all of these overpaid, unionized, government workers! Unionized public employees go against the common good! That is payed by taxpayers!
Author: Goltijinn
Thank heavens. That means my dad won't be getting any more scam letters from Australia!
Author: Volmaran
Canada post workers are up there in wages and benefits compare to the world, that’s why it’s so expensive to ship..
Author: Tajar
That’s one thing that should never have an issue. The mail. Do you know how many important items people need? Paychecks, paperwork, titles, insurance forms, tickets, medical supplies. Smh. They should hire people immediately.
Author: Arazuru
The gov needs to step in and create its own postal system. Bcus CP employées are overpaid, overpriced and always on strike. We need something that works for us..
Author: Tak
I haven't used Cpc shit services in years , and I couldn't be happier.
Author: Mugar
HODOR in mail service.
Author: Zujas
It’s been a month since I haven’t gotten my parcel:(
Author: Vijas
Switched all my bills to electronic and will never use Canada post again.
Author: Nilabar
Basically Canada post has become lazy or it has earned to much revenue.
Author: Malashakar
Canada Post: We sink, you sink!
Author: Kagazilkree
When there is no strike ,they don't do their job any way we need UPS.. or some Other company to come in and help us !!!!;
Author: Vudoran
The union must be full of low-lives. Who else would hold every Canadian for ransom like that? Who would plan a postal strike right at the busiest time of the year? The union wanted to piss Canada off, well they did a good job! Yea they knew it would screw us all over, that's why they picked now for the strike.
Author: Fenrisar
That's what happens when the people accept and allow a monopoly by the state or the corporate sector to take control an aspect that influences the economy directly or indirectly and is part of the economy or outside of the economy. it is an enormous moral hazard and has been the source of all misery on the planet in fact this is how we determine the misery index around the world. It is formulated by taking the unemployment rate and the rate of inflation and factoring it together to come up with the misery index these two components are created and exacerbated by government in collusion with monopolists for the benefit of a few at the expense of the majority. If we are to evolve as a global Society into the future without sustaining a considerable societal collapse scenario then we ought to move as quickly as possible to wards a true free market for the poor and the middle class. It is intellectually dishonest to suggest that we have a free market today that is completely false we have monopolies. If we are to avoid a societal collapse we will need to initiate economic freedoms and a sound monetary system from which to sustain Society. We can resolve the matter of misery while addressing the deteriorating of sound mind, self-worth and maturity as well as love, empathy and forgiveness. Anything other than economic freedom built on sound money principles will continue to Foster parasitic relationships amongst people in our society, after all in order to maintain a monopoly there must be the element of violence, the threat of violence, coercion manipulation and aggression. We then see for obvious reasons that the human spirit will continue to sustained injuries and damages well into Future Generations as it has for over 2000 years as a result of maintaining these monopolies over the people and the economy. Thank you for reading I hope you learned something new please give me a thumbs down or thumbs up so that I know this comment was not removed. Thank you
Author: Vogami
I keep hearing "well I use the internet. I don't need you."
Author: Nekazahn
Still waiting havnt gotten mail in a month
Author: Kajijora
UK is an island compared to Canada.
Author: Voodoojas
Why Canada post workers strike every year???
Author: Doran
Omg... Honestly this is getting ridiculous. Canada post will topple themselves out, and mail is slowly getting away from the need for daily mail delivery from people. Companies that deliver like Amazon prime, purolator, and FedEx will take over if canada post doesnt want to do their jobs. I am sorry that they feel cheated, but unfortunately a mail delivery job will be phased out soon due to the world moving forward...
Author: Maushakar
FYI you can ask Amazon and other sites to not use Canada post as well. I find I get my stuff quickly if I opt out of using Canada post anyway. This strike hasn’t affected me much because of that.
Author: Godal
Just fire them and let the rest of us have their jobs since they don't seem to need them.
Author: Voodoole
Who is delivering mail when outside is -10,-20 or -35 we all forget that.
Author: Tura
This post doesn't care about packages. They deliver to the wrong addresses and do not take their "service tickets" seriously. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE - UPS or Purolator
Author: Godal
canada post employees are lazy bum
Author: Volrajas
I think people are a bit missed informed. Canada Post is a Crown Corporation created by the government to oversea mail delivery in Canada; it is not run nor paid for by our tax dollars, they are entirely self sufficient. The government just has majority share in the company and collects dividend payments from it; the government just has to do annual audits, extensive reviews every decade and has the ability to select the board and CEO, since they are the majority share holder. The only down side to this is that it is the only sole entity approved by the government in distributing Canadian mails; if they where to collapse most likely the government will have to bail them out or buy them outright. In this case since they are the only company legally allowed to handle Canadian mail, when the Union went on strike for higher pay, job security and equal pay, they basically used our mail as leverage since they know no one else can touch our mail, due to it being a monopoly.
Author: Fenrilar
Canada Post = Post Master General = Bank of International Settlements = Bank of Canada . Canada is not functioning anymore . Next is Bank of Canada ?
Author: Bazil
If only someone wanted to come to the table.
Author: Zujas
Give the job to non-unionized civilians already!
Author: Kajigami
Alright. Time to invest in Amazon
Author: Kilkree
I talked to a striking CPWU the other day...I do not support the union...almost want to call the workers spoiled brats. Hoping the Feds mandate these "burdened" (for having a very good job) workers get to their jobs!
Author: Gubei
Just here waiting for the Federal Gov't to put through new Back To Work legislation
Author: Kagakazahn
How do you mess up delivering mail? Must be all those marijuana orders haha
Author: Fezahn
Any Canadian girl 🍆🍑?
Author: Dogis
It must be prohibited for government services to strike. They terrorise regular customers.
Author: Vibar
Canada Post is disgruntled and pathetic, how dare they do this at around the holidays? Horrible horrible decision. Thank goodness Amazon uses private carriers, FedEx/UPS.
Author: Grokasa
Sorry but Canada post never deliver my parcel to my door anyway. Always send the parcel right to the post office even said there is no one at home, while I saw them just drove by! They don’t do their job right!
Author: Milmaran
Woooww Canada Post needs to fix up.
Author: Fenrilmaran
I feel like I’ve been betrayed
Author: Nazshura
Author: Tygorg
What a joke.
Author: Tashakar
Where's the government intervention? Privatize mail delivery, problem solved!
Author: Voodoocage
Sounds like a good reason to travel and go see your loved ones in person this year.
Author: JoJocage
Canada Post is profitable corporation with 200 + millions per year.. Hellooooo!!
Author: Zulkir
Edit because they are checking for drugs and stuff that not aloud to be shipped to Canada so consider that
Author: Taurg
Call for a national referendum to privatize Canada Post.
Author: Gohn
I ordered too much online, I'm getting rocked
Author: Yozshumi
Party pushers behind this strike are: ups, fedex. They just want to increase their market share in Canada. Cupw is traitor.
Author: Voodoolkis
CANADA POST employee's do not have SEVERANCE PAY!!! Letter carriers are forced overtime 9,10,12h.
Author: Arashimi
The government will force them back to work or fire them, just wait it out people.
Author: Mum
Author: Yoshakar
Job security!?
Author: Teramar
fax your holiday cards to Canada
Author: Bagal
Canada Post is self sustainable corparation not being funded by your "tax paying dollars" or Ottawa's budget!
Author: Dihn
I'm normally one to defend public services but if things are getting this bad, it really is time to consider getting rid of this service entirely.
Author: Shaktir
Sure Union just shows that they are important or shows they need to be replaced.
Author: Nazahn
Summer are bit better +40 and humid!
Author: Tuktilar
Jeff Bezos is going to drop the amazon drones and fire all of them any ways
Author: Vijinn
Canada has extreme weather conditions.
Author: Voodoonos
No doubt in my mind some postal worker knew what was in the box and stole it. Some would say "ahh why would they risk there job"
Author: Kigadal
Fire the strikers and hire people willing to work. Extortionists, nothing more.
Author: Shaktiktilar
i can mail a letter for 50 cents from NYC to Guam....half way around the world but from Buffalo to Toronto it's 1.39 .....the US only charges 50 cents, the rest is all Canada Post. That's insane.
Author: Faeran
Canada post FEDERAL employees lost their bonuses, sick days that they had before and pay is NOT following inflation rate!!! Volume of parcels are booming in Canada Post, we all shop online.
Author: Mokora
Canada post needs a big reform. It's inefficient, unreliable and too expensive.
Author: Shashura
Very annoying. I'm a business owner who relies on shipments of materials coming in. Christmas presents don't matter to me, but when the strikes start messing up my business it pisses me off. I'm pretty sure they were on strike last year too.
Author: Vigami
Guess there's no need to panic about getting cards out this year. Oh well ... really, falls under the heading of "First World Problems". Shame that those who are paid really quite well still think it's not enough. Maybe they'd like to spend a week in my shoes.
Author: Kell
Author: Fenridal
If only there was an electronic way to send mail.
Author: JoJomi
Just fire all employee and hire new ones. There are tons of people who would work for less
Author: Gazshura
Author: Tenris
I swear Canada Post strikes every year. 'oh , it's strike season again'
Author: Kigaktilar
Pathetic and massively embarrassing moment for Canada Post. So incompetent that they resort to using a policy designed for natural disasters just because they are too inefficient, incompetent, and entitled to do their f-ing jobs.
Author: Nimuro
(Excludes big city's)
Author: Tutaur
Starting rate is 19 dollar per hour.
Author: Mautaur
Read about this a few months ago, but supposedly in Japan bus drivers went on strike- they continued operations and made their schedules, but just didn't take fares. Now, I know a lot of people pay online or what have you for shipping, but this would probably be a more efficient way of 'striking' where consumers don't get affected by the delays, but still let the workers drive a point to their superiors by not taking in any profits. I don't know how CP handles their payments so take this wtih a grain of salt.
Author: Vocage
The US is willing to send you their refugees to start a new postal service.
Author: Zulkikora
shame on all the postal workers today, you planned for this and make the rest of us suffer for you greedyness, you complained about having to work 12 hrs in a day when people like my husband for one don't get your kind of benefits and has to work 18 to 20 hrs a day just to get the things you are complaining about having to deliver, well boo hoo! Suck it up and be thankful you have a job with benefits just think you could be living in the U S or Mexico 👎🏼
Author: Faut
the union is only asking for a 20 per cent raise, thats pretty reasonable, in line with what the teachers usually ask for each year.
Author: Shaktikasa
I had to argue with my postman to take a letter back labeled return to sender that was a proportional representation ballot and he dropped it 3 houses down after finally reluctantly taking it
Author: Shakarn
Just end the strike already!! I haven't got any mail yet
Author: Arashilabar
Fire everyone at Can’t Post and hire people who actually need and want to work.
Author: Miran
Use greyhound parcel service, we're open all year round
Author: Vudogis
How selfish of Canada Post to basically CANCEL Christmas because they dont want to see progress and fairness in their treatment of their employees. Edit/Add: Canada Post Had about a year to negotiate this BEFORE the oct 22 strike started.
Author: Dinos
How desperate are their benefactors?
Author: Tojazilkree
🎶You're a mean one Mr. Grinch (Canada Post) 🎶
Author: Nihn
Canada Post isn't the problem here... it's the postal workers union causing all the problems. I think all us Canadians should get together and file a lawsuit against them for disrupting our quality of life. After all, that's a major factor in other lawsuits. I think we need to send the message we're tired of suffering for their selfish, greedy desires. I would love to work for their pay and hours.
Author: Gusida
They get paid 35 dollors hour and get a pention ... they have nothing to cry about
Author: Tulkis
How is it we pay so much for shipping with them and they cannot afford to keep people working.
Author: Tutilar
Deliveries all over country. DHL,Fedex etc use Canada Post to deliver for them !!!
Author: Kazrahn
Rain, snow, hot or cold every day letters and packages must be delivered.
Author: Yorg
Author: Mosar
They're trying to take our countries mail hostage until we give into their demands. We should fire every single person who strikes.  If they don't want to do the job we'll find someone who does.
Author: Douzragore
What they are doing is akin to terrorism - a group of people knowingly hurting a very large group of other people. Sickening. They should all be terminated. There's plenty of Canadians that would happily take their jobs for half the pay.
Author: Sataxe
While I respect the workers right to protest, but at the same time their timing around the Christmas and Black Friday sales season is regrettable.
Author: Sale
Canada post workers are lazy!
Author: Akitaur
They should all be fired
Author: Kilmaran
make canada post private, let the market decide how much the workers should be compensated for their work
Author: Kazrakree
Canada needs to just make a second postal service, give Canada post some competition, this is getting ridiculous.
Author: Faejin
Between our Dollar, GM lay offs, and CP strikes theres none much left of Canada's up Hidden Secrets of Money... wake up
Author: JoJora
Christmas is always the enemy of Canada Post.
Author: Arashijinn
Canada post - is a national disaster itself.
Author: Tozil
Never use Canada post again.
Author: Shabar
Already took three weeks to get my parcel from China to Mississauga. Still waiting.
Author: Vokus
My wish purchases. :(
Author: Vosida
After all this is over with it will cost what $4 to ship a letter and $15 shipping on a package within Canada will go past $30?
Author: Mosho
Let me guess, my mail orders are going to remain delayed due to a labour disruption. Get it together Canada Post. This is embarrassing..
Author: Voodoom
You put that also 1st quarter of Medicinal Marijuana and a strike Get It
Author: Doujora
Only Max can save Canada!
Author: Nigami
I get my mail delivered 6 days a week in the California Sierras ... post office even delivers packages on Sundays.
Author: Mishicage
privatized canada post
Author: Douzilkree
I'm guessing that the crap I bought on ebay will be delayed
Author: Mooguhn
Really glad to hear this now that I have a temperature sensitive package on way...
Author: Kelrajas
They say they have a high injury rate due walking/carrying too much but yet refuse to implement the super mail boxes. These guys already get paid 55-75grand a year(with OT) to do what a paper boy does for Christmas tips. Oh yea and full pension and health benefits. Somebody needs to give the union a head shake. They should privatize it.
Author: Mazulrajas
If my package is lost for good may god have mercy on the post office, we trust them with our packages, they lose them and then ask us about insurance... excuse me.. i gave you my package and you lost it.... find it or its going to be a problem.
Author: Vigar
should have upgraded , when the online shopping took off . We did it works well .We spent billions but its infrastructure you need it .Things will only grow better get used to it . plan for the expansion dont stop the mail , man thats backward af . Or its a cover for some bombs or toxins and they dont want people to panic .
Author: Mijora
They should just fire anyone who has a problem with their pay or benefits or work conditions an d hire new ones because they did agree to all that when they signed the contract to work. Pathetic. Greedy people not satisfied with anything...
Author: Nijinn
Author: Akinogami
Author: Grora
I keep hearing from these EXPERT'S that we don't need a public post office.
Author: Fezilkree
Is the Government going to pay overtime to empty those "Full" yards, in time for Great-Grandmother to get her Christmas cards?
Author: Barr
And to hell with online shopping: make presents this Christmas.
Author: Shat
not the first time they go on strike. is either they are ill-treated or they are lazy. none of the reasons reflect well on canadians. for a national service like this just unacceptable
Author: Tozil
Wow that woman sure was good at saying absolutely nothing with a lot of words
Author: Tejinn
Author: Dugrel
Arrogant pricks.
Author: Gobei
Others know that they could get away with it too easily. No disclipine
Author: Mezizil
I agree woman pay should be the same, but you dog this grave. You should have bought a big enough shovel to dig yourself back out after.
Author: Nikobar
The mail should be an essential service and employees not be able to strike.
Author: Negar
How embarassing lol
Author: Daihn
It's going to take a year to receive your Aliexpress orders now smh, It already takes like 3 months to get your item.
Author: Daigul
OK.....this is when our girly man prime minister needs to grow a real mans set, and take a leaf from his old mans book. If the postal union works to rule...or asks foreigners like those f—king limeys to work to rule....then use that as an excuse to fire the whole bunch. Then hire real Canadians who want to work to deliver the mail....BUT no f—king more union!!!! BUT Trudeau needs to say when the union asks will he really fire them all for not doing their a real mans voice “just watch me?”.....but again he needs to hire a stand in...he is so femme..I don’t think he can pull it off and be creditable.
Author: Fauhn
Now it takes 3 weeks to ship something across the GTA!
Author: Shaktilar
shame on canada post..
Author: Tashura
Now I know why my stuff hasn't arrived yet.


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