Brussels Terrorism Attack: World Leaders React | The New York Times

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Author: Goltibei
The Time for the National Socialism is now!
Author: Visar
thank you jews for multiculture
Author: Shakajinn
Lol! pm of turkey
Author: JoJoramar
I am Belgian and i really need some cheer up right now, i live 20km from Brussels and ly cousins were in brussels (they live and study there) one of them is still unacounted for
Author: Kazirg
Airports and Sea Ports need to have some sort of bag scanners at the port entrance before someone can even be allowed in an airport or sea port
Author: Vizuru
To all peace-loving, progressive, and secular people of Brussels, Belgium, Europe and citizens of the world. During this moment of tragedy, my deepest thoughts are with all Belgians. Be brave.
Author: Dijora
UKIP and Trump Rule!!!
Author: Arashakar
Trump 2016!
Author: Kagabar
Author: Mezijind
Did Gaben react
Author: Gagore
"Prime minister of Turkey" :'D Is this a joke?
Author: Taktilar
Bozo the clown is a person of interest in the Brussels attacks.
Author: Doukree
Every "Leader" on This Video Loves Immigration and The EU OPEN Borders! They are Responsible for This Atrocity!!!
Author: Datilar
dammit fine bros this is not the time!
Author: Zolokinos
Please trust me I really come from Belgium
Author: Yotilar
another Hoax
Author: Taushicage
I never thought I would say this, but, 1 vote for Trump.
Author: Gam
3:39 Why is that guy grinning?
Author: Durisar
That woman crying at the end really got to me.
Author: Mazuzuru
Uhm NO! You did it to yourselves! YOU PAY FOR IT. America will protect her own country.
Author: Shaktill
Notice all the European heads calling for global allegiance against terror: translation "America will pay for it."
Author: Balmaran
merci pour votre soutien
Author: Jukree
Belgium was a safe country when it only had Belgians living there.


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