Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Democratic Primary Election

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Author: Daigar
His "free tuition" plan for public colleges has issues. While he's addressed where the extra tax money would come from, there is nothing in his plan that addresses cost controls. He has no plan to regulate the cost of public college (like they do in Great Britain), which could lead to runaway college expenses for the government. There has to be a regulating body in place to curb cost increases.
Author: Arajind
they are, after all, of the establishment.
Author: Keramar
CNN - "How did a socialist kibbutz influence Bernie Sanders?" (Message: Bernie is a commie)
Author: Zulurn
When is the next primary election? And who do you think will win?
Author: Mezikora
Gata love the Super-delegates; where Clinton can tie Sanders with 15-15 delegates from NH even though Bernie won with a 22 point lead.
Author: Zutaur
why you guys always gotta cut off Ana when she starts talking
Author: Tugul
Obama is just SOB that must hate the US Constitution and the folks that believe in honest transparent government.
Author: Shazil
Go Bernie! Kick that fat establishment asses! Your win would have a huge impact all over the world!
Author: Kigall
What's up with that facial exchange between John and Ana at 9:13 haha? Have they got some inside joke against Ben or something?
Author: Zulkijind
Hillary rolling out her lying cheating corrupt husband shows how desperate she is.
Author: Fekinos
Author: Faetaur
All this socialmedia users if you want Sanders to win, you will need to share a lot of positive post on Sanders to influence the voters. #dontlethillarywin
Author: Sakora
-Free Education!!
Author: Groshura
Sanders is such an awesome person. I wish we had him in our country.
Author: Kijind
So time to find out what he did in 1985 as mayor crushing student protesters and his dealings with Lockheed and General electric ?
Author: Dainris
South Carolina has open primaries. Bernie and Trump may get the independent vote by a landslide. Most of the open primary states will be decided by March 1st.
Author: Gozshura
If you are in one of the following states, you need to register to vote for Bernie in the Democratic Primary/Caucus, see
Author: Goktilar
I wish I shared Cenk's enthusiasm about this being the last election that conservatives will be competitive in for the foreseeable future. My worry is that someone like, say, Cruz wins and manages to put 3 to 4 conservative justices on the SC. They would then be able to entrench themselves in power in any number of different ways (legitimizing voter suppression tactics, for one, maybe even repealing the voter right's act, etc?), nightmare.
Author: Voodoom
Compare these two headlines by CNN the past few weeks:
Author: Yozshura
So the southen states are going to continue to vote against there own interests? Surprise surprise
Author: Grotilar
and bankers give her the stick to carry it on
Author: Daibar
Is there a deadline to get your name on the ballot for a primary?  I mean, If Biden were to jump in after South Carolina and Nevada, he would already start from a disadvantage number-wise because Bernie and Hilary would already have delegates from the first four states and he would have zero.  But more significantly, I would think that a candidate would have to give notice quite a bit before an election just so they can have their name put on the ballot.  Am I wrong here?  I do think Biden would have done pretty well had he ran. And I think he may have even gotten the nomination.  But I feel like that door is quickly closing for him.  But maybe not.  I honestly don't know what the rules are with entering a race late.
Author: Sharn
its 21 points now
Author: Samunos
Nobody care about what is going on on the republican party's side. Stop talking about it. Give me more Bernie.
Author: Maulkree
Bernie sanders free tuition hates wallstreet universal health care hes a socialist thats are guy Trump realy hates mexicans muslims hes a racist thats are guy mainstream media is having a tough time looks like the propaganda keeps backfiring
Author: Muktilar
He HAS to. Come on people....time for a change! :)
Author: Faelrajas
I am from germany and my origins are in Viet Nam. So its safe to say, from around the world: Vote for #Bernie2016
Author: Fenritilar
Trump is the dumb and bigoted man's President. Hillary is the blind and greedy man's President. Bernie is the smart and compassionate man's President. This is why the odds are stacked against Bernie, America is filled with selfish assholes.
Author: Shakus
Hillary cares about the American people because she's running for president.
Author: Batilar
the last time a politician made the kinda noises bernie is making, they got shot in the head. Kennedy's anyone?
Author: Guzahn
He clobbered Hillary in New Hampshire
Author: Meztinris
The media used to say Clinton cant lose but ever since they see this message is losing them viewers they switched to:look at sanders go.Its all about the viewership not the truth.Its always been like this.Money>truth
Author: Teramar
Anybody else just feel like were being setup. I mean it's a new day and information is easier to get but I just feel like this is gonna go so far until the rich people in suits pull the lever and make Hilary Clinton President and there would be nothing we can do about it. Remember Bush legitimately lost his first election against Gore but was somehow he became President for some reason and we did nothing.
Author: Tojagore
Bern baby, bern!
Author: Akinogul
In the American style democracy, Sanders actually could still lose New Hampshire. He's got the support of 13 New Hampshire delegates vs. 9 delegates for Clinton. But there are also 8 superdelegates for New Hampshire and they can vote whichever they please. In this case, I'll be surprised if the superdelegates vote for someone like Bernie Sanders who comes from outside the establishment.
Author: Tojalmaran
Bernie 2016!
Author: Diktilar
You retards keep voting against your best interest. You're as braindead as the republicans.
Author: Fecage
if we devaluation the dollar it would, for a period of time, hurt a lot of people. if we solely made everything here it would not make a difference but we import everything and it would affect goods
Author: Kakazahn
Theres more republicans voting in the primaries then democrats we might not be able to win a general election
Author: Malajind
USA really means country of the "free" walking dead aka zombies.
Author: Faesida
This mistake will surely come back to bite old Communist Bernie.
Author: Kagagar
Hillary's gonna need a Bern heal
Author: Kazradal
-Won't make the Rich More Richer!! No Republicans want to tax the Rich More!
Author: Mezizahn
Talk to us about the Super Delegates and how hillary is still winning with them.
Author: Kazrakree
I'll do everything I can to get bodies on the floor here in Charleston for Bernie.
Author: Mazugis
America you have one job- feel the Bern!
Author: Kigazragore
Ain't no mountain high, Ain't no valley low, ...Nevada feel the Bern
Author: Duran
Remember the words "delegates and superdelegates" when the casting your vote for the reanimated corpse of Vladimir Lenin. Enjoy your fantasy until the DNC.
Author: Shakaramar
Obama presented his irresponsible $4+ trillion budget to Congress.
Author: Dihn
the shade...
Author: Nikokora
No, it's a tie at 15 delegates apiece. 6 to 2 for Hillary w/ NH 8 superdelegate predictions factored in. Not happy about it. Just sharing info as I understand it.
Author: Mimuro
Looking at the numbers. The Dems got about 37,000 of the total Votes in New Hampshire. The Republicans about 28,000 and that's accounting for the fact that they have to split them up with 5 different candidates.
Author: Samuzil
Btw, New York is fairly "close" to NH..........
Author: Yoran
a 22 point victory for Bernie, also look at that chart... Bernie has more votes than the top 3 republicans, combined...
Author: Vujar
viva la revolucion!
Author: Meztigar
-Avoid War at All Cost! Trump is a War Magnet!! His MOuth alone!
Author: Vozragore
Heck, if I was able to get half of the free stuff The Burn is offering, I might vote for him too.
Author: Kesho
Author: Nalkis
The background looked like Bernie was going to swing a shovel at Hillary mid speech the whole time 😂
Author: Tojat
To all those other idiots who thinks she is not trustworthy, I pity you...Her actions should speak louder than words, she has been a crusader for most of her life to bring about a better life for as many people as possible... she is not perfect but she won't lead you to a life of fantasy.
Author: Faugami
Bernie vs. Trump. I can't wait to put in my absentee ballot.
Author: Dojinn
-Demolish an UNFAIR CRIMINAL SYSTEM mostly sending Blacks and Hispanics to jail!!
Author: Meztizuru
black people aren't stupid they remember all the shit hillary and bill talked about Obama in 2008 and they have a nose for bull shit !!
Author: Mikakora
the burn is coming.
Author: Zulusar
the black caucus has endorsed hillary in s.c.that dam Jim Clyburn he is a career politician.special interest.bought an paid for.I like bernie young people but he's going to get railroaded.I have to vote Trump.looks like hillary will win democrats super delegates .this is b s..I hate those oligarchs.I love you young people.I know how this shit will end.I doubt Trump will win.we are screwed.
Author: Goltiran
Of course he won :D
Author: Mikam
Your digital flag waves very strange....... (almost annoying)
Author: Shaktikus
That Ben guy, I keep getting this feeling about him. A feeling that he wants Hilary to win.
Author: Samukus
Another scary part is this "momentum" phenomenon, what the hell is that? Ok, so let's imagine you have read up on the candidates and decided that Hillary is your candidate based on their policy position, but then Bernie wins a state or two, and then suddenly a lot of Hillary voters start voting Bernie....what the hell? Nothing changed! A lot switch their position simply based on who is winning, creating a snowball effect...this does not bode well.
Author: Tojatilar
a few minutes ago i watched Huma awkwardly bat away a woman going to hug her after hugging Clinton on the PBS live stream... I'd love to see that one go viral! Thanks internet!
Author: Turisar
Sanders for PRES 2016!
Author: Malazragore
isn't bernie only 2 pts behind nationally. why do they keep saying 13?
Author: Kazil
Serious question here. What happened to Ben Carson? He was polling in second for most of last year and now he's completely off the grid.
Author: Grobar
those making over 100K or receive welfare, don't want to change the status quo. they would stick with Clinton. those on welfare already have free healthcare & reimbursement on state colleges, while those making over 100 don't care about premiums or tuitions. etc.
Author: Yosar
clinton doesn´t have any chance of winning the elections
Author: Goran
Bernie's going to end up running as a third party independent... The DNC isn't going to allow it, there's too much money at stake.
Author: Kagaktilar
Do not think we evolved beyond this. If bernie REALLY intends to implement the changes he speaks of, we are talking about 100s of billions of dollars being repatriated from the top 1% to the middle and working class.
Author: Malmaran
her mom packs her lunch
Author: Samurr
OOH, i peeped it ! Did anyone else peep that? 9:11
Author: Tolar
Power to the people. Bernie2016
Author: Tujind
Sanders would Try and fail to double down on Obama's crap.
Author: Nagrel
Author: Mazubei
Author: Fenrisar
Do you really think this will go unchecked or unchallenged?
Author: Groll
NOTE : I'm not supporting Hillary over Bernie, it was just as an example as that is relevant to what is happening in the election now, IE Bernie gaining momentum. I want Bernie to win as much as you guys, I'm just reflecting over the bizarreness of his momentum.
Author: Bajas
vote bernie people! he is the most sincere and honest candidate available! He has YOUR best interest just remember that :)
Author: Kazisho
Bernie Sanders is the next president.
Author: Nizil
Sharpton is a race baiter and hate merchant. He's disgusting.
Author: Yobei
Seriously they don't have Tinder in NH??? There are better ways to find boys...
Author: Akinogor
It's irritating that there aren't more polls for SC and Nevada... all the pollsters focus on IA and NH. RealClearPolitics' last poll for SC includes O'Malley, which has Clinton up 30 points as Cenk said. But there have been two debates and two primaries since then- we're flying blind in terms of polls.
Author: Gardanris
also black folks like bill clinton. 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' <<-- for many blacks in the south, they are ok with the status quo.
Author: Mikazragore
horse race my ass
Author: Vukasa
An avowed Socialist has won a primary. As was said on the episode of The Simpsons labeled "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge"..."Gentlemen, the screwballs have spoken."
Author: Samusho
Ben's gonna #Bern !!
Author: Fenrigore
Note the record tax revenue $3 Trillion 2015.
Author: Shakalmaran
Will the Bernie burn the HEllary?
Author: Sakazahn
Hillary is ranting around her house screaming at bill to do anything it takes to get bernie out of the race...anything....
Author: Gagar
Author: Gar
We're feeling the Bern here in Montana as well...
Author: Jum
How can it be that Bernie clobbered Hillary in NH and they both got the same number of delegates? Exactly how is it possible that he can beat her by over 22 percentage points and she can still grab half the delegates? The opaque insider game that Hillary plays is insidious. This party system is SO CORRUPT.
Author: Yozshujin
is Ana single?
Author: Motaur
The pundits are already starting the red baiting 'socialist' ... Hey TYT kids... Bernie won every demographic except 'women over 65' and 'people making over 200,000 a year'. This is the dissection you have to cover here.
Author: Tauzahn
LOL.. Figures Democrats would support a commie. This old slobbering fool belongs in a nursing home. He's batshit crazy.
Author: Tekora
Looking at the chart here, the 30 point lead is on its way down.
Author: Saramar
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado ,Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois,Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New, Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming. Bern baby bern!
Author: Jucage
vote for Trump.I liked bernie until he aligned himself with a snitch al Sharpton.Sharpton is a race baiter.young people Sharpton sold out the blacks in Ferguson.the young people made him leave.he tries to divide us based on race.Bernie should know better to associate with a racist like Sharpton.
Author: Taujin
Trump 2016
Author: Kisho
Hillary Clinton is evil!
Author: Faelkree
C'mon Nevada!
Author: Mezisho
mark my words, bern will NOT get the nomination.
Author: Samugis
Author: Doucage
Listening to MSNBC last night Chris Matthews aside, who has zero self-restraint against his bias for Hillary, there was a lot of propagandizing for Hilary if not just in ad hominem style, I expect it to ramp up over the days, but the reason TYT supporters goes up is directly related to the credibility that goes down with mainstream media. I've already seen the attacks on Twitter now that Bernie won; and Congress promised to nail Bernie in retaliation for him embarrassing Hillary like that. Bernie's rise was never in response to anything that mainstream media shared with the public about Bernie Sanders, and it will continue like that. No one cares what corporate owned media has to say about him, so short of calling in the Dept. of Justice or some FBI investigation, Bernie isn't stoppable by the corporate owned America. That's the whole appeal.
Author: Dulrajas
I'd rather see Sanders win, but if I was to put money on it I'd go for Clinton.  She is 2/7 on Betfair.  Sanders 4/1.  His odds have dropped in the last two weeks though from 10/1
Author: Zule
Great job Berni, too bad your fate has already been decided.
Author: Mauramar
Author: Zulkisida
What Ben said about the delegate count is not true bernie isn't ahead of hillary, she has over 350 delegates over 300 are super delegates. Democracy at work
Author: Tygokasa
Just wondering if Bernie wins the nomination do people think a
Author: JoJomi
holy shit bush is in third!
Author: Daizragore
Did you know that Hilary has an official Youtube channel? And did you also know that there are no comments to display there? Did you also know that there are always more dislikes than likes on each of her videos? Seriously, go check it out!
Author: Meztiktilar
I said it before and I will say it again: IF Bernie Sanders was known by every American until now, he would have 56,6% right now (calculated before N.H.) - I have done the maths. That means: IF the Sanders campaign manages to strengthen his name recognition (and a victory in in N.H. does exactly that) about around 15%, he would probably win super Tuesday.
Author: Marg
Author: Malaramar
Its disheartening to see so many stupid young supporters of Mr Bernie Sanders. They simply do not understand the realities of life. There is no free lunch. Their lousy stupid education and reasoning has no place in an ever intelligent world and Mr Sanders is simply pandering to their fantasy filled life. I hope that these idiots have rich parents. The notion of getting free anything without paying seems to transform the US into a Communist state. How does Mr Sanders intend to pay for these freebies? The largest segment of the population that pays for this is the middle class... that means you and your parents. I do not think that the tax laws and regulations will ever be rewritten. It is too much work for any one/two terms President can handle. And who works for free? We need a roof over our heads, food and other necessities. How is Mr Sanders going to convince any idiot teacher to teach without monetary compensation? Put all these people on the government payroll? Give these teachers food stamps to teach you idiots to arrive at this conclusion? Provide free shelter for them? The US is $18 trillions in debt, more freebies to you useless people. When will you ever get out of debt? The country has not yet arrive at such an utopian state to provide everyone these luxuries. And what makes you idiots think you will able to accomplish this. The US is essentially a two party state, Democrats and Republicans, do you think you will be able to persuade the Republicans to go along with your stupid ideas. The only solution to this is if a civil war takes place or nothing will change. Mr Sanders is simply wrong in manipulating your simple minds. Delusions to the point of projecting out his demented fantasies and inciting you idiots is morally wrong. Wake up fools...
Author: Nera
people who work and make less than 60K, they want Bernie more than any other group.
Author: Negami
Michelle Alexander is trending for her critique of Clinton machine. She destroyed Hillary in "The Nation".
Author: Zulunris
by 23 points.
Author: Baktilar
bernie is in the 60% area vs hilary in the 30%
Author: Vudolar
March 1st is my birthday so Bernie better pull through :')
Author: Vonris
With 89% reporting, he is up 22% ;) The media NEEDS to report Bernie's gigantic win.
Author: Katilar
I love Ben Mnkiewicz's analysis!
Author: Faegis
im latino and a huge supporter of Bernie since day 1 when he had only 3%! i find it interesting how they say most of Bernie supporters are white progressives. i know many latinos who support bernie and i hope others catch on. here in vegas he has a huge amount of supporters #NevadaForBernie
Author: Akinojinn
Do give it a read and let me know what you think. If you think it's worth looking at, do share it.
Author: Sashura
This was a surprisingly restrained, muted video by TYT. I was expecting Cenk to showcase all his bluster and cue the celebratory music with fireworks. I am not sure what to make of that. Has TYT become more mature? If so, I am disappointed, because childish Cenk is the best Cenk.
Author: Fenrigis
PLEASE talk about how Bernie is getting screwed--Even though he won Hew Hampshire all of the "Super Delegates" there have pledged to vote for Hillary making Sanders the loser in New Hampshire. WTF!!!!!!
Author: Mazura
There are others, but if he could address those, it would be a great start.
Author: Voodooran
In the 1952 Democratic primary for New Hampshire, populist Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee captured 56% of the vote, defeating incumbent president Harry Truman. Truman soon dropped out of the '52 presidential contest. In 1968, Sen. Gene McCarthy of Minnesota won a surprising 42% of the NH primary compared to sitting president Lyndon Johnson's 49%. LBJ dropped out of the race a few weeks later. in 1972, presumptive favorite Sen. Ed Muskie of Maine won the NH with 46%, but insurgent Sen. George McGovern of SD scored a close second at 37%. Muskie soon dropped out.  Hillary should pay attention to history.
Author: Nelrajas
He hasn't explained how he plans on working around Obamacare to create a single-payer system. I suppose the easiest thing to do would be to start expanding the eligibility requirements for Medicare, but that isn't suggested in his plan.
Author: Shakar
Here's the main difference between Hillary and Bernie;
Author: Vobar
Hey Burnie: How was breakfast this morning with the racist "Reverend" Al Sharpton? And what did you promise him, to bring the Black vote over to your side? Let me guess . . . . more free stuff?
Author: Shakagar
I believe in you Sanders. The Sandstorm is coming. #FeelTheBern
Author: Yozshuran
So Bernie trailed Clinton by 2 delegates after the Iowa caucus, crushed Clinton in NH by 22 points, and now trails Clinton by 8 delegates? Thanks superdelegates! Who cares about what the tax payers want?!
Author: Mitaur
NH was not a "home win" for Bernie. NH and VT could not be more different. This was a win for the progressive message.
Author: Daimuro
I watched the live cover last night and saw Ben going off the rails while defending Hilary. And that's fine if he's supporting HRC but claims to support Bernie. But man, he lost it, not in a Cenk way but in weird nonsensical way. It has kinda ruined Ben for me now :/
Author: Zolozshura
-Make the Rich PAY their FAIR Share!!
Author: Mikajind
If i were bernie, i would seriously be looking at some top notch external security to augment the 'secret service' detail he has already been given.
Author: Kagajas
Author: Kazimi
The media will say its a light lead for the "fringe candidate"
Author: Brakus
Will the Neocons finaly admit that America has become a progressive country... Probably not but we can dream!!!!
Author: Samutaur
The thing that sucks so is that Hillary is going to get the overwhelming majority of the superdelegates which screws over Bernie's chances
Author: Mejin
Brnie   is great ??????   whole world suppport hem........
Author: Madal
The media, as of this morning, is being very quiet. I waited 40 minutes early just to see who won on my local, and they said: "Bernie beats Hillary". Half a second sound bite, then went on to talk about trump for 5 minutes.............
Author: JoJot
bernie is the senator of vermont......he should have won by a large margin since he is the senator from right next door
Author: Mazujas
URGENT: Super-Delegates are blocking Democracy! Sign the petition:
Author: Gazshura
I believe trump will be the republican nominee, Bernie Sanders will be the democratic nominee and Sanders will beat trump's ass.
Author: Bat
- Michael Kelso
Author: Mazukinos
Bernie Sandwich: Think Outside the PAC
Author: Gardami
Hers one guy from sc for Bernie!
Author: Brashakar
Bernie won by an historic level. Unheard of levels. Record numbers. Everyone say it with me: President Bernie sanders
Author: Kam
-Save Social Security!! The Republicans going to GET RID OF Social Security
Author: Juzragore
I researched Bernie Sanders for 2 years and I am impressed with his record.  I used to like the Clintons and until I started digging into their past.  They are like the Bush family full of lies and deceit.  They should be in prison!
Author: Dasho
Just think,  if Bernie wins it all  we can live like they do in Venezuela
Author: Kezahn
This is going to be a case of Bernie winning popular vote but Hillary getting the win. May be time for a revolution.
Author: Daigul
Bernie is running for president because he cares about the American people
Author: Momi
Ben, "she's not a bad candidate," WTF? Yes she is, tens of millions of Americans polled don't like her, don't trust her, don't want her as President!
Author: Yoran
The Bern has been felt!
Author: Kedal
Even if Bernie wins it all, how is he going to get anything he wants to do through a totally hostile congress. Remember Obama and the repuplitard congress, the congress stopped him cold every time, imagine Bernie trying to fight a congress that has the republicans who are whores to the billionaires AND the democrats who are on their knees to wall street. I hope and pray that I am wrong, but I don't have much faith in our political process these days.
Author: JoJoll
We need to change the narrative that Bernie doesn't have black supporters. I live in Chicago who's primary is unfortunately very late so our impact on the candidacy is less but I have to say the vast majority of young black voters here support Bernie whole heartedly. If we can somehow show this nationally, it may interrupt Clinton's "foregone conclusion" narrative that says she has blacks in the bag.
Author: Gardagis
Initially, I was a Hilary supporter, only because of her husband, but I was convinced to take a look at Bernie Sanders' platform, and I LOVED WHAT I SAW IN BERNIE AS THE NEXT BEST PRESIDENT!
Author: Dakora
Turks ... More kurds murdered by ottomans in Turky and Syria from 20 february until 23 february 2016 ottoman airforce murdered 1357 civilians old men and women and children and 16 liberty figthers. Keep your murder channel on we want to see your faces to avoid mistakes. Take care of your families kurds are next door.
Author: Fauzil
Author: Zulkizilkree
As Latino Migrant to USA I went legally to USA far time ago and now I m American Citizen I don t want that USA became like Mexico or any other sud American country from were i run away . So I m for deportation of Illegal Migrants and for the Wall. I m For the Muslim interdiction to enter and stay in USA ... Muslims don t respect USA they don t feel Americans and they only obey to the most racist book of the world Quoran Most of Amrican Muslims are for the holly war against Americans they are traitors and as traitors most be judge and deported to muslim countries.
Author: Vudolkis
New Hampshire knows Bernie because he was just next door. Who better to judge the Candidates?
Author: JoJole
Why was the Trump winning NH video have the comments disabled? is it because the comments the Trump lovers post on them?
Author: Arashirisar
Author: Arashitilar
Author: Akiramar
Hehe...Bernie dropped the people's elbow on Hillary from the top rope...even though I expected it...damn it was fun to watch. I can only imagine the panic in Hillary's camp. Bernie is on a roll...Americans are finally seeing the light!!! Sanders stock up the BERN UNIT.
Author: Gulabar
somebody please explain the delegates to me cuz it's all about delegates and Hitlery has 15 and Bern only 13... Wtf. that will be the real sneak attack
Author: Vugal
Islam is a horrific religion with a horrific prophet whose done awful things to other human beings and is set as a moral example. This religion should have a close eye on it.
Author: Juzuru
Author: Mukus
I'm rooting for Bernie Sanders but I swear I will go on a killing spree towards anyone who says "feel the bern" for the 10 millionth time. It's so freakin annoying. How about you feel my knife blade slashing your neck...and I consider myself a pacifist.
Author: Tobar
This win for Sanders has made it obvious to me that the people united have more power than "citizens united". The momentum from the progressive base is beating the establishment even with a near mainstream media blackout, and super PACs running full steam. see you later neo-con/liberal revolution! (cautiously optimistic on this point, but a huge win for progressives)
Author: Goshura
who controlls the polling companys.
Author: Digal
I don't get the rand paul thing being a surprise. These are people in NH that also still would write in Ron Paul in the general election in the past years.
Author: Kijinn
umm…I’m not an American.I don’t understand why Mr Sanders is so popular.He seems a stubborn socialist, doesn’t he?If he were to become the president, United States would no longer be a county which they used to be, I think... United states might lost a source of their strength.
Author: Daigami
22 point lead! Come on Nevada and South Carolina! Bernie Sanders is the candidate that will change all your lives for the better!
Author: Faetaur
But how many coin flips did he need?
Author: Gardabei
If Hillary pulls of this SHAM I am voting for the Republican. She can kiss my @$$.
Author: Mooguktilar
Thank you guys for the excellent news coverage.....classy and informative, infinitely preferable to the 'national' stations, you beat them hands down on all fronts, especially the articulate commentary!
Author: Arakora
NYT - "New Hampshire Takeaways: Trust, Experience and Message Count" (Message: Bernie who?)
Author: Fauzilkree
Author: Yozshunos
I like Bernie Sanders and what he has to say. Bernie for President 2016! :) Hey check out my new Youtube channel Monika Guberow that I'm  working on.
Author: JoJozahn
He hasn't addressed tax reform in any detail at all, likely because he will receive serious backlash for submitting a proposal that increases taxes on the rich. But we're operating blind on how effective he would be in closing the income inequality gap.
Author: Tasho
If Donald trump wins, I'm going to study Chinese cus I will have lost hope in America.
Author: Yozshugul
Why does momentum matter?
Author: Goltijin
The establishment still doesn't understand! They will still project a "long tough fight for Hillary's inevitable nomination"
Author: Doutaur
Ben, I love you bro, but we all know you prefer Hillary........
Author: Kishakar
The Beatings Will Continue Untill Moral improves.
Author: Votaxe
WP - "Hillary Clinton just lost New Hampshire. Don’t assume she’ll win the next state, either." (Implied message: Bernie who?)
Author: Kajisar
Nevada and South Carolina be ready to #feelthebern 🔥‼️
Author: Faejind
The only realistic Presidential candidate is Ms. Hillary Clinton. A progressive sequence to achieve these goals is more achievable than living in Fantasy Land.
Author: Kigasida
Belafonte, Coates, and Michelle Alexander line up to support Bernie -- YUUUGEE deal for African American vote if you know the background of these giants.
Author: Shaktishura
Johns face when Cenk says that Bernie is down 30% in SC "Wh-when did you hear that?" haha
Author: Arashibar
Who is the guy always standing behind him (left)?
Author: Mezikinos
Kml he said prisoners
Author: Sagrel
Author: Zuluran
cenk wtf hes not against mexicans or muslims... i expect better of you.
Author: Faejin
Author: Shaktijin
I just went to the NY Times comments section and from the "Reader Picks" literally 99/100 comments were Pro Sanders supporters.. unbelievably the NY Times "Selected comments" were slightly in favor of Hillary, with some pro Sanders comments.
Author: Kazralar
something that mainstream media and even TYT would dare not discuss:
Author: Dat
Many people believe that businesses are more important than the people. That is why they do not vote Sanders.
Author: Zulkiramar
-Avoid sending young girls to war!!
Author: Nera
Feel the bern of a 90 tax rate!
Author: Gokree
So Obama keeps his record in tacked by never getting even one Democrat to support his unpatriotic we don't have. And would need to borrow.
Author: Bagar
Can someone please explain what a caucus is? We don't have them in Britain
Author: Doull
Very solid is an UNDERSTATEMENT 21%+ now.
Author: Feshicage
For instance, predicting how much effect a campaign ad will have is far from guesswork these days. The people in this business knows pretty damn well what is effective and not. The scary part about that is that it means you can basically just tell people to vote different, and a few of them will. Everyone know the ad is bought by that candidate, so it's 100% biased, and in most adds there are seldom shocking new information voters didn't know about. Yet a few % will change their vote based on it.
Author: Vugrel
I hope Hillary wins the primary, because Trump can stump her into the ground in the election!
Author: Maukree
This push polling is as low and as hypocritical as it gets, Hillary preaches liberals don't attack other liberals over progressive change, Bernie could absolutely ruin her in a debate she's flopped over Wall Street reforms gay marriage and abortion. I really hope he addresses the irony of these push polls they really can ruin a presidential bid
Author: Tojajind
I'm so glad I can finally vote. That's one more vote cast for Bernie Sanders in South Carolina!
Author: Nile
The budget is dead on arrival.
Author: Fenrijora
I wonder what Cenk would say about that, if 20 was gigantic.
Author: Kagal
Bernie was way too nice in his response...on her worst day Hillary Clinton has proved (*coughs Iraq) she can do plenty of Republican styled damage...Lets see those Goldman Sachs speeches Hillary lol. go Goldman go! $675,000 invoice...she comes cheap. That's all she charges for whitewashing the destruction of the American economy lol. I mean she's worth over 30 million
Author: Dabei
Bernie Sanders is winning dick from here. He ain't winning in the south. Black people ain't voting for a weird old white guy using big words like "socialism."
Author: Mugor
What was that little look and smirk between John and Ana at 9:12 about.
Author: Samule
Bernie is pandering for votes and giving out false promises. He could tax the top 10% a 100% and liquidate their assets and only get 9trillion. He is promising a lot of entitlements that will double the size of government and increasing the debt.
Author: Samuro
Author: Kaziktilar
How about one, just one, does one like "Sanders Surges Home" or "Sanders Victorious!" ? I so hope he wins. #FeelTheBern
Author: Duran
-Free Health Care!!
Author: Tabei
Isn't that guy on the left the one who freaked everyone out by talking about incest porn during some movie review?
Author: Daishakar
74 ans ? Sérieusement ? Ça craint ! TT
Author: Dile
Rand Paul is a one of a kind Republican and has my 100% support always. There is no one in the race that can replace him #standwithrand
Author: Fenrijin
lol a 2 way slaughter this time
Author: Zolobar
Author: Gazragore
can the young Turks find more unattravite reporters?
Author: Digami
Actually Bernie got screwed in NH. Hillary was appointed more delegates than Bern. Hillary already had 394 superdelegates to Bernie's 42 before the NH caucus. Count her NH winnings and she is way ahead. The system is rigged in Hillary's favor. Unless he wins by a landslide he wont win. So make sure you go to your caucus and vote for the Bernie!
Author: Zulukree
For Sanders to cozy up to a fraud and criminal of the magnitude of Sharpton merely verifies that he's psychologically unstable.
Author: Kagazuru
Don't take this as a rant against democracy, but it really is scary seeing how predictable things are and especially what influences voters. I think we should take care to make democracy better if we can, money in politics is an obvious one of course, but to be honest the whole american voting system with the electoral college and all that is horribly less democratic than it needs to be.
Author: Kilmaran
something happening with TYT, all guys in formals and neckties ???
Author: Malagore
22 points here, people!
Author: Grosar
Congratulations, Mr. Sanders, from Spain!
Author: Samulmaran
Ben is still an idiot. Ana was just talking about you, Mankiewicz- when she brought up the big-money appeal of Clinton. You ae worried only about your tax rate.
Author: Maurr
Keep beating Hillary.
Author: Meztirg
Thanks to Democratic Socialism and The Federal Reserve will be The End Of Capitalism As We Know It. Soon Bernie's going to let everyone quit their jobs, so we will all set back and play xboxs drink cold beers and smoke a joints and wait for our checks at the first of the month! Guess we all can get fat off off food stamps. If you want Free stuff, vote for Bernie!
Author: Nagami
I support Sanders, but there are some serious issues that he needs to address. Right now, his supporters (including myself) are riding on his rhetoric, but there's very little behind it.
Author: Makus
For international viewers would you be able to explain the difference between a caucus and a primary? In Britain we just have one vote and the leader of the party is picked before the election campaign begins (I think).
Author: Gokinos
Great thing about Bernie he supports American Made.
Author: Kigagrel
Trump: "Bernie Sanders was born in Kenya."
Author: Didal
Sign This Petition to Force Super Delegates to respect the will of the people
Author: Tukus
How come they are tied nationally but he is so down in Nevada and SC?
Author: Dahn
That 22% is looking mighty fine right now. #Bernie2016
Author: Samuzragore
Bolshevik Jew is promissing endless free stuff to stupid libtards. Ask him who pays for that when the bill arrives.
Author: Fetaxe
I think the so much hated "millennials" have made the message very clear here: we are ready to take over the power (of the world). We are the majority now and we no longer support a system designed on the 19th century. We are pretty much pointing a finger on the old bigots faces and saying "get out". They know this is going to happen, sooner or later. We had the end of feudalism, now we will have the end of the capitalism. And the start of a post-capitalist era which is NOT to be confused with communism.
Author: Mezik
Who uses ''dissection'' in a political CONTEXT ??? WTF this guy Ben is one of the worst tyt hosts... I can't stand him wen he is talking...
Author: Neshura
The lead is now 21.7%. Bernie didn't just win, he beat the polls by several percent and won by a landslide! Nevada next to #FeeltheBern
Author: Dile
1) Hillary Wins Iowa Caucus
Author: Yozshule
the us voting process is beyond stupid!
Author: Daijar
Almost a 22 point victory.
Author: Metilar
a lot of women in NH are now damned to hell for an eternity. madeleine albright said so.
Author: Faucage
Bernie's win in NH doesnt mean squat. Since Hillary who only got 40% of vote was awarded over half the NH delegates..
Author: Tygosida
You guys are making it sounds like Bernie Sanders is pretty much fucked.
Author: Gardakazahn
Come on South Carolina ! We're all counting on you !! Time to feel the Bern guys !
Author: Kazizshura
Exactly - Hillary thinks it is still firmly in her bag, it is not.
Author: Bajinn
I hope for Americas and for the world's sake... that Bernie Sanders becomes the president.
Author: Tejind
Politicusa: Hillary Clinton makes a late surge and cuts Bernie Sanders' lead to 7 in New Hampshire. Say no more!
Author: Makasa
enjoy the rest if your so called election
Author: Sazuru
Everyboby seems to want Bernie to win, why is American media saying he can't? Is there something about your system of politics the rest of the world doesn't know about?
Author: Tezuru
If Bernie Sanders win all Hillary supporters should vote Republican. Simple as that
Author: Mizragore
Question how does Bernie expect to pay for his socialist policy's? Is he only going to raise taxes on the Rich? Is he going to raise taxes on the already crippled middle class? Is he going to raise taxes on the small business owners? What's his tax plan what the percentage?
Author: Juzshura
Bernie will be fucked over out of the elections #rememberbush
Author: Voodook
TYT, prepare yourself for the real game now that Bernie's safe heavens are behind him. No more white/male/Domocratic base. Now the states where the populace are more diverse are coming in, Bernie will be burn. Bernie lies are over and he didn't fool me nor older Democrats.
Author: Kigaktilar
Ana Kasparian just repeats what other people say.
Author: Shakadal
I know that sadly a lot of Americans are grossly under educated and uninformed, but I would imagine that these people usually don't vote, instead of voting "blind". I just think it's strange how this works.
Author: Dalkree
Here's my first essay on Bernie Sanders: an analysis of unbalanced media coverage during a time of tangible popular upsurge, detailing out the stances of various players in the American media including a) Print media b) tv media c) online media d)Comedy news.
Author: Mausar
Delegates, super delegates, coin tossing... ahum .. can't think of a more moronic election system to select a president.
Author: Mikataur
john should wear suits more
Author: Mit
There is a special place in hell for Democrat men who do not help and support Bernie Sanders!
Author: Dutilar
Bernie Sanders for the win
Author: Tojin
As of now Bernie is up by 22 points.
Author: Dogul
Author: Faezilkree
This will be the first presidential election I am able to vote in. Im so excited.
Author: Yozshutilar
NBC - "Clinton Falters With Women in New Hampshire" (Message: Bernie who?)
Author: Yozshum
Bernie 2016
Author: Zolok
Everyone help im conducting a political survey!
Author: Nak
Bernie Sanders = Ralph Nader = Dick Cheney = Trump = Very sad
Author: Akirr
Bernie sanders? you mean president sanders 👍 #feelthebern
Author: Gujar
Keep spreading the word. Bernie is more popular now than he's ever been before. The spotlight is on him but we cannot give up. Keep up the pressure throughout the coming months and we might get a Sanders nominee.
Author: Mikalmaran
Bernie can't win South Carolina for a lot of reasons. But with his appeal to unions he could have a go at Nevada. Don't be surprised if Bernie gets a win there and makes it a real contest going into Super Tuesday.
Author: Mitilar
9 trillion if u liquidate all properties and holdings. government annual expenses is more than 2 trillion and will double with the entitlement he wants to implement. because manufacturing businesses are not bound to a country it can choose to move countries. we will become a country of services soon and when businesses leave us and the entitlements becomes more costly and taxes revenue drops due to businesses leaving. we, the middle class will share the big burden that Bernie helped make. we have a 19 trillion dollars debt, berries logic is to increase the deficit so the debt can grow. makes no sense
Author: Groramar
Doubters are becoming believers. Feel the Burn. Now we get more media. Not as much as the Donald but enough to make our points.
Author: Nizil
Hey kids. Ya you Bernie supporters. This will give you something to think of next time you hear the Specialist promise you free shit.
Author: Grotilar
Sanders/Warren ticket would win AND win well?
Author: Gugore
These are the crappy mainstream media headlines today about Bernie's massive win:
Author: Mizshura
hillary needs to step her copying bernie game up
Author: Shakagul
(first part edited: because of bigotry)
Author: Gugami
37? In a row?
Author: Taunos
If you hate working and love free handouts and sitting on your ass and smoking pot all day VOTE BERNIE SANDERS!!!! He'll give you other people's hard earned money. :)
Author: Samulkree
Bernie, there's a spot waiting for you in the Kremlin, oblige us.
Author: Met
Author: Tygole
Superdelegates? WTLF! How can our system be so openly corrupt! I'm really starting to HATE what this country stands for!
Author: Fejin
Author: Fenritaxe
California for bernie!!! #Bernie2016
Author: Gok
Anyone else notice their background graphic glitching?
Author: Duktilar
2) New Hampshire Poll Results: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders win.
Author: Akizahn
lol prisoners


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