Arizona Game and Fish Department Raid Home with Guns Drawn

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Author: Grokree
It’s crazy that back in the day, we hunted to survive, we hunted to eat , now you need permission to kill a deer and would get fined overwise. How did this happen?
Author: JoJozahn
but blue lives matter!!
Author: Gromi
you don't get 4 charges out of one fraudulent application, there is more to his story than we are hearing here. further, what was identified as the item(s) to be searched for or seized? how could it prove he was out of state when he applied? since they already knew he was out of state the evidence they were searching for (Which some judge had to think was relevant to some crime,) was probably related to one or more of the other charges, the ones we aren't being told about . that said, i like marc and hope if i ever need him i can afford him!
Author: Shakadal
This was done solely because he purchased the wrong license?!!!
Author: Munris
Time to disarm the Game and fish Dept.This is one of hundreds of stories of aggressive,armed Federal agents , criminally implementing their will.


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