Ambulances warned to avoid UMC night of Oct 1st - Las Vegas Shooting -UPDATE

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Author: Yokinos
more like, maverick or another local chopper tour got paid big bucks to "help" create a big terror event "drill"
Author: Tobei
Is it normal for active military personnel who were stationed nearby to be granted access to the hospital(s) immediately to help the doctor's & nurses with assisting the injured?
Author: Brataur
gone live and then blame a throw-away "cut-out" who probably isn't even dead. "paddock" and now his
Author: Nezuru
What the hell happened to the thousands of hours of cctv footage that was recorded that night? RELEASE THE FOOTAGE. We all know the truth is being hidden. 🐀🔨
Author: Mutilar
ammo sales person "haig" has ties to some defense contractor is a person of interest?? am i missing something here?
Author: Kajijind
What is the date Sunrise employees were seen wearing those shirts?
Author: Jujora
Wow!! Somebody's head should roll! BS
Author: Nazilkree
On the night of the October 1st mass shooting in Las Vegas, a Clark County dispatcher told emergency responders that University Medical Center was “completely out of beds”. This message took almost 15 minutes to correct, leaving at least 2 gunshot victims to travel further distance for medical attention. It is unclear why this dispatch to avoid UMC went out as they had plenty of capacity to help victims of the Route 91 mass shooting as a Level 1-Trauma Center.
Author: Faegor
I have a question for anyone who can answer this:
Author: Akisida
Maybe they needed an extra 15 minutes to get the crisis actors at UMC settled before they allowed real patients in.
Author: Garamar
hoover trying to blame saudis, with choppers from phx? where do these guys come up with this stuff?
Author: Momuro
If links to what I'm referring to is necessary, I can provide that


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