Alaskan Airport Rocked by 7.0 Earthquake || ViralHog

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Comments "Alaskan Airport Rocked by 7.0 Earthquake || ViralHog":

Author: Meztijora
why didnt no record that!
Author: Bragis
Never anding aftershocks 😭😭😭
Author: Meztirr
That's right OH MY GOD!!!!
Author: Jugami
Author: Dukree
Stay safe!
Author: Moogular
Like Satan possessed the building
Author: JoJozragore
I rode out a earthquake on the wing of a B2 bomber once.
Author: Mazuzilkree
There was a second???
Author: Tugrel
Author: Takora
Folks cheering was the best part. Make it a thrill ride, I say!
Author: Kazirr
It's not a joke dude...
Author: Dulrajas
you're supposed to kneel under a desk with your hands over your neck
Author: Kazigar
That guy hooting and hollering earthquake would be picking up his teeth.
Author: Samujin
Rest of the world shiting itself about an earthquake. the US cheering and celebrating
Author: Diramar
Almost died in my school library


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