9/11 CNN Craps

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Author: Melrajas
Author: Zulkinos
I will tell you moore: CBS 8:31 - 9:12 min 15:51!!! Whoopi Goldberg commercial you see the clock? its almost 9.11!!!! like in the real game! only seconds bevore the storry beginns!!! Whoopi Goldberg is one of the Matrix(!!!)-Awards-Winners like an other reporter from 9.11. i forgot the name of her. did you ask yourself why im calling me berlinaus der matrix?;-) did you got the privat message?
Author: Gogrel
Well, I woke up this AM to the "something else" which our dark overlords at google have wrought upon us. A *huge* blow to any social networking that was still working here.
Author: Shaktikasa
i know! the sign is on the left side, only the half side is to see, but there is waving a white thing clearly. looks verry strange!
Author: Taudal
Read about The Amazing Race route markers on Wiki! Then go to FOX5 Sept. 11, 2001 9:54 am - 10:36 am (September 11, 2001) min 39:55!!!! Give a focus to the yellow route marker! See what happens with this!!!!!!
Author: Aranris
Some people I was subbed to ONLY because they were awesome commenters, and seemed to always land upon great vids, which I would then go watch myself.
Author: Fenririsar
Even the fact that we can no longer post comments on our own channels, because that was STILL too informative; too much "alternative" info being publicized.
Author: Kazilmaran
I used that particular route A LOT to locate good/interesting vids.
Author: Nikom
1) The "front pages" are now useless for keeping track of our compadres, seeing what they're saying, or watching, etc.
Author: Meztim
...i think its your turn! God gives me the information, to give you the information, to give it other people! its just important to spread it! And dont be afraid, if you believe in God nothing can work against you! If we meet in the future i will tell you all the mysteryous storry;-)
Author: Nibar
Mark my words: Within a year, this place will be online-TV, à la Nick at Night.
Author: Sharr
CBS Sept. 11, 2001 12:41 pm - 1:22 pm (September 11, 2001) min 24:13 the routemarker is missing!!!!! On FOX5 Sept. 11, 2001 11:17 am - 11:59 am (September 11, 2001) min 0:23 the route marker is blinking!!!!
Author: Arashisida
NBC Sept. 11, 2001 1:23 pm - 2:04 pm min 36:49 you will see the Amazing Race Bus again! Driving. Dont know if it is th same.
Author: Brasida
i dont find it. i only can see a "mouse" falling down over his head and his grimace after that!
Author: Mutilar
OK - when you click the YouTube logo in the upper L corner, it takes you to a page which USED to show both uploads AND also...the vids watched/liked, and the comments made there, from people you are subbed to...assuming those people have their channel settings set to show that activity.
Author: Mazumuro
Think could be interresting for you:
Author: Tajinn
..dont know much about the amazing race, but it begun sept. 2001! (wiki)
Author: Shataxe
CBS 8:31 - 9:12 min.16:40!!!!! Thats 8:48 am!!!You will see a Commercial for the Amazing Race!!!! Watch it! Picture show helicopter views from NY, and running people at an airport, symbolic pics of islam! Would be funny if your name is kevin;-) 8:52 ZERO beginns. Think about CONTINUUM! Hope yo got my privat message! Welcome in the Game;-) And believe in God, he is the one who gives you the messages!
Author: Akinobei
the great shimon peres
Author: Zulkigrel
CBS 8:31 - 9:12 min 21:56 the FIRST interview from a man from SOHO!!!;-) You know abaout SOHO-PROJEKT?;-) Why not the first interview from the pizza man bla bla bla arround the corner???!!!;-)
Author: Gushakar
However, I think it does presage a change-over, coming soon. Probably just took it down for a little further tweaking before re-upping the new one permanently.
Author: Fenrizahn
In The Amazing Race advertise on CBS 8:47 you will see a guy in front of a coin telescope. It looks like it was on the Empire State Building. Remember from what direction the purple, shaking helicopter videos shows us the WTC together with the Empire State Building layer on the left side. In the advertise is also to see a 3D helicopterview with animated smoke. Before is the Jewelry Factory Bethesda advertise. Jew and Beth, remember on the Beth Israel ambulance from Dr.Mark Heath!
Author: Yokora
Whoopi is not important, Goldberg is important!! just my thoughts: Goldberg is not a typical african name;-) without that name she wouldnt be famous!
Author: Voodoosar
That I don't know yet. What I was complaining about was that the *comments* people to whom I'm subscribed leave on vids they've watched no longer show on the feed. It's essentially now just a mirror of the data in my "Subscriptions" feed.
Author: Ducage
Only to just now go to the home page...and find it's reverted back to its original format!! (sigh)
Author: Kijas
YouTube is rapidly morphing into GoogleTV. No more YOU (or "us" or "we") in YouTube.
Author: Mugar
Well, after my ongoing rant about the changed format of the "home page", I spent over 3 hours going thru' my subscriptions, and deleting the deadwood, to make room for the good ones to fit into the newly-limited allocated space.
Author: Zulkihn
The number of "The Amazing Race" bus line is 009. And "The Amazing Race" premiered in CBS on 5th September 2001.
Author: Gardahn
2) My subscriptions don't show but a fraction of the actual new uploads from the people I'm subbed to.
Author: Mazuzuru
Yes! Well, I see it as one more step to cut the lines of communication in the existing "community", and forcing/herding people towards their new line-up of idiotic, pap-spewing, content-empty, non-informative, preferred "partner channels".
Author: Gagar
Joe Craine is a character in Stephen King in" 'Salem's Lot" he died because of an heart attack! I know what it means, because they use microwave weapons against the chosen one!!!! I know a good medicine: Have a strong herb liqueur with you! It works again the microwave weapons!!! Thats not a joke!!!!


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