50 teens commit flash robbery at a Maryland 7-11, caught on camera

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Comments "50 teens commit flash robbery at a Maryland 7-11, caught on camera":

Author: Yozahn
@tigolbittiediddies and if you look close before second 1 you see a white girl... JUS SAYIN :D
Author: Zukora
Author: Vogore
This would be funnier if they wore gimp suits
Author: Bajind
who wants to play Find the white guy!?!?
Author: Shaktikasa
@ymari100 how about michael jackson? he was raping kids then turned white so people wouldnt recognize him. white is right. WP!!WPP!
Author: Vugrel
ALL I SEE IS BLACK PEOPLE!!!! jus sayin :D
Author: Kira
@ymari100 My biggest pet peeve is when somebody says something such as "There are black people robbing a store" (which is a fact if you see the video) and then a black person calls them out on being racist. They aint racist, they are observant!
Author: Mojind
hope they got what they wanted
Author: Mazulabar
how can you protect your self agaisnt abunch of travon martins this is sick if the law is on there trevon side
Author: Yok
@101TheGodfather you can't say i'm wrong, so you're reduced to saying i'm a racist.
Author: Ball
white people -- a sudden gathering to raise social awareness, do something funny, make music, etc.
Author: Tojak
blacks -- a sudden gathering to rob a store, attack random people in the street, destroy a restaurant, etc.
Author: Kazragis
thats fucking boss.
Author: Kesar
@gaydanzig Because he lacks the intelligence to make a witty or insightful rebuttal. No need to insult him anymore
Author: Vogal
All i see is black people all the time in these flash robbers...
Author: Takasa
Glad these kids had proper parenting...
Author: Zulur
And then a flash of furies walk into the store xD
Author: Malarn
@WW2medalsNpatchesME yall white people are racist its crazy how its 2011 and still try to talk shit and whats up with all these white people touchin and fuckin kids rather be around drug dealers and gangs
Author: Kagashura
@ymari100 I get how you call it racist, but how the fuck can you call him racists and you magically assumed he was white. Both of you are racist.
Author: Mauzshura
two kinds of flash mobs:
Author: Vilrajas
@ymari100 Why complain about racist remarks then make one yourself? You dont think any black folks have ever raped anyone?Stop being ignorant and as equally racist.
Author: Sagis
Oh if only the flash-mob of nuns had hit the store at the same time... then add the Benny Hill theme to the security tape.


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