Mirza Ganić - Surah Tariq

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Author: Arashir
Subhan-Allah, beautiful recitation, brother.
Author: Zololrajas
nice.... melted, Salam from Indonesia Moslem
Author: Vuzil
Aziz Alili stil, Allahumme barik.
Author: Mausho
MašaAllah ☺
Author: Faerg
ma sha allah
Author: Dugul
very nice
Author: Goltira
Subhanallah what a melodious voice. I really somehow feel at ease when I listen to your Quran recitation and nasheeds especially tala al badru alayna. I just really love your voice its so beautiful. I feel like Bosnian peeps just have such nice voices❤❤
Author: Tojataxe
mashallah subhanallah....
Author: Gromi
Masah Allah
Author: Shakadal
Author: Goshakar
Can you make some video for nagham's tutorial like bayyati, rast, sika etc?
Author: Zulkihn
It touched my heart


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