I CANT BELIEVE WE SAID THAT | Cards Against Humanity

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Author: Gujind
i started fricking laughing so hard
Author: Akinocage
the genuine look of confusion On Tyler's face when he says "I said raps." and Mark and Ethan laugh
Author: Zulkigor
Poor Tyler isn’t notice don’t worry Tyler I notice u senpai 👍🏻
Author: Kajizil
That's when Kanye got WASTED
Author: Yoktilar
...Per heart beat
Author: Nikosho
“My dead sons baseball glove”... Excuse me, are you doing an interview with Evan Hansen
Author: Zulkilmaran
Author: Murr
Why did Tyler sound sad at the beginning?🙁
Author: Nigar
Author: Taudal
Author: Yokree
My family and I played this game, and my mom had the card 'pedophiles' and we got the black card '_______. Kid tested, mother approved.'
Author: Kalar
Author: Shajinn
Improv using cards against humanity
Author: Tokazahn
tyler:...…i said raps.
Author: Dit
Ethan: Behind every powerful man is jizz.
Author: Moogumuro
Tyler has the best laugh 😂
Author: Kigajind
Mark: sings opera
Author: Arashim
Author: Talabar
Mark: moans sadly
Author: Nikasa
That's got to be the most perfect place I've seen a video corrupt. I'm so happy you left that in the final edit
Author: Fauktilar
my favorite thing is when tyler does weird shit, mark leans towards ethan, and when ethan does weird shit, mark leans towards tyler, and then when mark does weird shit, tyler and ethan just give each other the funniest look
Author: Netaxe
“ the ultimate self circle jerk “
Author: Vulabar
i dug through my cards. It was "deflowering the president". Now you know why the red screen
Author: Zulutaur
My one question, how the actual hell did Tyler manage to laugh so hard the screen went RED?
Author: Votilar
Ethan: "No, the sound of depression is numbness."
Author: Zulujinn
Got it "deflowering" the princess lol 13:49 - 14:15
Author: Tele
A gunshot.
Author: Nagis
Tyler reminds me of one of the Hodgetwins
Author: Shakarisar
-Close Program
Author: Kagall
tyler.exe has stopped working
Author: Kagatilar
Nudist Colony?
Author: Mukinos
Mark: Say that again.
Author: Gogis
Behind every powerful man is ______
Author: Tojagis
Tyler: I said raps....
Author: Taurr
Author: Vishura
Author: Douzragore
Author: Tagami
And this is where everyone died.
Author: Akinozil
Tyler: "What's the sound of Depression?"
Author: Arak
What did he even laugh so hard at tho?
Author: Bragami
CEO of tacocorp
Author: Mikanos
I accidentally skipped 20 seconds into the video and all I saw was Ethan exhaling Pewdiepies face
Author: Meztinos
Me: Sounds exactly like me.
Author: Zulkisida
Mark: Say that again
Author: Sabar
Tyler has a big nose.....
Author: Tagore
😂😂😂 "ough"
Author: Malataur
“ hey guys hows it going” mark are you okay
Author: Aram
Author: Kazikus
Did anyone else just watch the M in the back change color. Love YOU MARKIOO
Author: Faukora
What is the sound that of depression? "I could have been an engineer".
Author: Yot
the sound of depretion that any sound my brother makes
Author: Tem
Ethan: >θ< ooh 6:50
Author: Arabar
my friend told me a joke, so here goes.
Author: Arale
Author: Brakinos
Author: Arashigul
Author: Gardak
Me: NANI?!
Author: Tygolrajas
"What's your reality-"
Author: Kigamuro
Author: Grosho
Ethan 2017
Author: Kagakasa
Do 6:50 on .25 speed. Oo. SKREEEEE
Author: Mezigor
Tyler: Kanye waist raps...
Author: Faet
Like damn Ethan. Ethan gets it.
Author: Meztijas
The sound of depression is my life😂
Author: Gazahn
Also, Tyler, you NAILED the sound of depression. :(
Author: Negul
"i said raps" is the FUNNIEST THING tyler has ever said and he's so blissfully unaware as to why
Author: Voodoora
At 3:29 I thought of the Sound of Silence (Hello Darkness my old friend)
Author: Zulkizilkree
Quality content right here boys
Author: Shakalrajas
Me: DDLC flashbacks
Author: Kajigor
His voice is veeeeery vaderry
Author: Jujas
(Vaderry: sound just like vader)
Author: Yozshugul
Author: Sataur
1:01 Tyler wheezing killed me
Author: Bakinos
My thoughts: A tasteful sideboop :3
Author: Moogugal
6:08 this whole conversation is so funny 😂😂😂😂
Author: Mezira
13:47 tyler.exe has crashed. Please reboot.
Author: Maugar
The sound of depression is a gunshot
Author: Shakataxe
Is the M in the background shifting from white to blue constantly?
Author: Mikar
9:28 tyler should've said inter-dimensional inter-course instead.
Author: Nizahn
Just accept the fact that you watched Tyler burp out PewDiePie's face, and then move on with your life.
Author: Gardanris
I thought you said WEAST
Author: Mozuru
mark:waitwaitwai. say that again?
Author: Dour
- Ethan
Author: Taudal
13:49 - 14:15 wow looks like my youtube red membership really paid off
Author: Kagajinn
Click 13:48 for YouTube Red.
Author: Vutaxe
He sounds like a friken dinosaur
Author: Doukora
I always imagined the sound of depression was every evanescence song ever
Author: Tygoshura
The world is Ethan's playground because only takes like 2 seconds to finish XD
Author: Gardajinn
13:44 Tyler's laughing broke everything.
Author: Kegor
Every time
Author: Tujind
Boris the Soviet Love Hammer Man is the hero we need
Author: Moogushicage
Tyler: Kanye Waist-
Author: Vokasa
Mark: we’re not laughing at you explains how they were laughing at him
Author: Fenriramar
inhales Felix
Author: Tosida
You mean interstellar intercourse, right?
Author: Kazikasa
That made me think of Dear Evan Hansen.
Author: Nikoshakar
Author: Daijar
Author: Daim
I love how Ethan constantly doesn’t know where to put his hands
Author: Kegal
"deflowering the princess??"
Author: Tygolrajas
Tyler: what is the sound of depression?
Author: Nikinos
Tyler: what is the sound of depression?
Author: Araktilar
Is it just me or is Ethan
Author: Shakalrajas
To everyone wondering WHY there was a red screen, it was because they had to fix Tyler.
Author: Togis
"we're old!" well 27 is the new 65
Author: Tak
I like to imagine I'm the rando their with them...
Author: Maurr
Author: Mazusho
4:08 Tyler my mature boi
Author: Tokora
Change my mind
Author: Marisar
He said Kanye Waste.
Author: Grogami
So, I have subtitles on, and at 17:10 , it says, "Yeah f*** him on a fire you are home" I cant breathe! XD
Author: Grolkis
Author: Mikacage
Or is that just me?
Author: Dalabar
tyler.exe has stoped working.
Author: Negal
Tyler: * laughing so hard he can't breathe*
Author: Torg
Author: Kagal
Mark as his mother: “Mm. He’s a strong boy”
Author: Vudozilkree
The red screen was freaking me out
Author: Gardagar
I’ve watched this video to many times😂😂😂
Author: Jurg
anyone else?
Author: Zulkijar
Author: Dale
Is anyone absolutely OBSESSED with Ethan... like why, he is so adorable, he is small and young😂
Author: Jujas
13:49 - 14:15
Author: Vura
Ethan being so adorable as always especially talking about their oh face XD
Author: Kigazshura
6:50 im dead
Author: Nim
To be hones at 1:46 I thaught that mark was laughting at the fact that Tyler said that Kayne west was rapping... in an album... and then I remembered that this video is from 2017 and that "I love it ", and "poop scoop" didn't exist ...
Author: Mazukree
“The sound of depression is complete numbness”
Author: Kajirn
Author: Gumuro
Author: Jujind
Mark and Ethan: WTF?
Author: Douzuru
Thank you."
Author: Kekus
“Kanye Waist raps-”
Author: Malat
Author: Arashijinn
Author: Samugrel
I had a person in my class that believed that giraffes were extinct
Author: Nelmaran
"I got 99 problems but emotions ain't one..." of course it isnt stonefaced Tyler...
Author: Vigami
"what's the sound of depression?"
Author: Mezirn
With that in mind are you really sure you WANT to win
Author: Arakree
Author: Tazragore
exhales Felix
Author: Kazragis
I watched this (accidentally) a day after it's 2 year anniversary!
Author: Moogurn
Author: Kigasar
Edit: Wowza, so many likes lol
Author: Makazahn
Author: Meziran
Ethan: 6:50
Author: Kigaktilar
"The myth is if you can look into the eyes of a man in his vinegar strokes you can see into his soul."
Author: Voodoomi
Good old days...
Author: Goltisho
This is me and my friends in a nutshell xD
Author: Voodooran
"Depression is the sound of a single tear falling down his supple cheek" -Ethan 2k17
Author: Kigabar
Author: Dourr
Author: Sakinos
Tyler: in his new self - producing album, Kanye Waist raps-
Author: Temi
4:05 Giraffes aren’t real. Show me a giraffe. ... That’s not a giraffe! What’s a giraffe? Who let you in here?
Author: Yojora
Ethan, the sexual human woodpecker.
Author: Gak
I'm sticky because the amount of gay I am
Author: Shaktizragore
WEll I DoN't BeLeIvE iN GirAfFeS
Author: Shalrajas
I dOn'T bElEiVe In GiRaFfS
Author: JoJorisar
"Behind every powerful man is a... possible 'muzlum'"
Author: Mukus
To think Ethan Nestor marks editor and friend used to be backflip guy 😂😂😂
Author: Kajitaxe
"What's the sound of depression?"
Author: Daibar
Tyler: ohhhh thAt is the sound of depression I get it now
Author: Meztijind
The reflection of the rainbow lights on the cards create a portal that leads into an alternate dimension that I like to call The Land of Terrible Seizures.
Author: Mikahn
but at least he died doing what he loved, flying airplanes.
Author: Fenrinris
Author: Dabei
Author: Majar
6:50 I laugh every time I rewatch this one clip XD
Author: Yozshutaxe
Tyler Laughs
Author: Mumi
If you win this game what does it say about your personality
Author: Sazil
4:27 yEAASHH- I saw that and I was like yeahyhh boi
Author: Kizahn
Author: Manos
Author: Grogar
Mark: oh OH OH 6:03
Author: Vuk
Author: Vizahn
Ethan: "behind every powerful man there is _____"
Author: JoJohn
Stop making jokes about 9/11, my uncle died in 9/11,
Author: Gar
Oh east i thought you said weast. Weast? Thats west Tyler.
Author: Tukazahn
Ethan laughs, only because Blank is his Alter
Author: Dairr
Did you know a fertile male produces 1,500 sperm...
Author: Mikakree
"My dead son's baseball glove"
Author: Brarg
anyone else get a red screen starting at 13:48 and ending at 14:14 ?
Author: Sataur
My last 3 brain cells: 0:12
Author: Dairamar
Tyler is a baby bird
Author: Zuluk
I don't believe I giraffes
Author: Zolonos
So is no one gonna mention the floating Pewdiepie head in the beginning of the video.No.Okay.
Author: Vura
Everybody else: * silence *
Author: Vuzshura
U know what
Author: Vulabar
Ethan looks like a zombie from the walking dead
Author: Digul
Tyler: confused I said raps........
Author: Fenrijind
Tyler: What?
Author: Tasida
6:04 😂😂 every time he made those sounds I coughed 😂😂 it was perfect timing
Author: Mek
"Kanye Waste".... I said raps!
Author: Meztirisar
me: "a strong O face ;)"
Author: Shale
u should do this with Jack (sean)
Author: Melmaran
I've watched this like four times and I still laugh and get confused over the red screen that happens when Tyler dies.
Author: Akizshura
Ethan: “No it’s.. it’s there”
Author: Kim
Tyler 2017
Author: Dousida
Mark: you didn't -
Author: Yozshulmaran
Me: Trump in a nutshell.
Author: Akitaxe
if you take ethan's o-face out of context it's actually really adorable x3
Author: Taugore
Last video: FrEe IcEcReAm Yo
Author: Akidal
Might need to fix that red spot
Author: Kit
qUaLiTy CoNtEnT
Author: Vim
Patrick: East? I thought you said W-east.
Author: Akizilkree
wow nice Tyler
Author: Sajind
"Now that sounds cool. Party Mexican Man just swooping in with... salsa??"
Author: Vogrel
U need 2 do this with jack Tyler and ethen
Author: Gukree
We need to make ethans "ooo" into the wii music
Author: Mikakinos
Tyler: I said 'raps'.
Author: Kira
Tyler laughed so hard he broke the video
Author: Torisar
"My dead sons baseball glove" Catcher in the rye flashbacks anyone 🤣🤔
Author: Kigashura
Author: Kagajora
Tyler: 😏 7:15
Author: Maucage
6:52 on 0.25x playback speed is the sound of death and destruction.
Author: Bajinn
Sounds of destruction
Author: Kajijas
Playback speed
Author: Tulrajas
Author: Dijas
"The blind date was going horrible until we discovered our shared interest in" "not contributing to society in any meaningful way" is what I won with 😂😂
Author: Vushura
Who else had a red square over their video?
Author: Kajiran
Mark&Ethan: Pfft-
Author: Grojas
Tyler: “when all else fails, I can always Masturbate to Blank”
Author: Vudomi
Author: Faugor
Tyler.exe (Not Responding)
Author: Tulkis
Me: (starts talking)
Author: Telrajas
Author: Akigrel
( 6:41 sometimes...)
Author: Brar
Me: wheeeeeeeeze 6:50
Author: Dogul
I love Tyler's laugh it's so cute. Why did the camera go red for a bit?
Author: Duzil
A successful job interview starts with a firm handshake and ends with crinnnnnnnnmnmmmmnggggeeeee
Author: Guzuru
I still love how after Ethans orgasm face it took Mark a second to process what just happened
Author: Tojar
Author: Tojajora
6:50 I nearly pissed myself from laughing to hard!!😂😂😂
Author: Maura
This video: CuMmInG
Author: Mazujas
Gives me Dear Even Hanson vibes
Author: Mulmaran
Y'all know that vine where this guy skiis by and says "I'm a Girrafe!"
Author: Mik
Ethan gets it
Author: Shaktizahn
Author: Dura
-Wait For It To Respond
Author: Gagis
Ethan’s face at 0:22
Author: Mooguzil
Author: Tygojin
Author: Malami
rewatching some challenge vids, and hurt my neck recreating Ethan's O face
Author: Vudodal
Author: Akinogami
13:20 is this a reference to DEH lmao?
Author: Mik
Tyler: **Reads all the answers to the black card very quietly because he's laughing so hard**
Author: Gardarr
Author: Nebei
1:50 East I thought you said weast Weast? that sais east your fired again Patrick
Author: Shazuru
Everytime Tyler laughs really hard he opens his mouth wide and leans back.....
Author: JoJom
~Ethan starts saying something super depressing and poetic~
Author: Gardatilar
“I said raps...”
Author: Voodootilar
I'm actually curious, why is 20 seconds of the video just a red screen?
Author: Kagale
Why did it go randomly red?
Author: Dizahn
Tylor lord of the ty's: What does depression sound like?
Author: Guktilar
11:40 He sounds like Mineta from Boku No Hero Academia
Author: Vijin
Cristali ; kid tested , mother disapproved
Author: Vull
Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that the very uncomfortable red block was at 14:03 ?
Author: Brakree
Omg put the play backspeed to 0.25 when there laughing
Author: Dounris
420+911+666+21= 2018
Author: Grojin
i thought my computer broke cause of the red
Author: Tuktilar
I honestly thought they said “suicidal thots” and laughed harder than I should have at that point
Author: Nirn
i love how my user is rando and im included IM BEING NOTICED GUYYSS XD
Author: Malajas
Tyler: I said raps...
Author: Karamar
Ethan looks so cute in that shirt
Author: Kajijas
Me: Must study, important things, mustn't distract
Author: Gokinos
Mark&Ethan: woah, woah.
Author: Douzshura
Markiplier 2017
Author: Mikagar
17:30 caption this
Author: Mezinris
Author: Gokasa
Ethan and Mark: Start laughing


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