Sims 4 Custom Content Finds - Maxis Match (hairs, bralettes, skater skirts & more!)

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Author: Takree
Came as fast as I could. That's because how much I love watching you Simmer Kitten! 🐱❤️
Author: Dailkree
Always looking for new cc so thank you so much for this video!
Author: Disida
Yea it would be messy if i try to organize into folders 😂...
Author: Dataur
Simmer kitten is
Author: Tutaxe
You have such a cute cc taste!
Author: Tuzshura
Yaaas i needed this! <3
Author: Gokasa
I'm so early today!!! Where my notification squad at now?!?
Author: Kagarisar
I live for these CC finds videos!! Yay! <3 ilysm
Author: JoJoll
Edit: Thanks so much for all of the help.
Author: Mezirg
Hey simmer kitten it's me kylie from roblox HOLOKITTY101
Author: Kazrajar
luv the CC!!!
Author: Shalkree
I was literally cc shopping on her site this morning and I got all of this cc
Author: Yozshujin
the BEST!!!!<3
Author: Gronris
Thank you so much Kitty!! <3 love your cas style
Author: Maushicage
This stuff was so CUTE!! <3
Author: Kejora
kitty, please do zodiac sims for each of the zodiac signs. it would be very mystical and it would also be very beneficial to all those who 💜💙💛💚 zodiacs and learning about the signs. please note that. I would love to see you work ur magic with the Sims.
Author: Votilar
Love you <3 <3
Author: Faelrajas
Kitty I don't know if you haven't done this before but for a create a sim you should do a drag king
Author: Marn
That first hair made me legit cry tears of happiness
Author: Nenos
omg I'm going to download everything!! You have such a similar style like I have! :D
Author: Mumi
Yay I've been waiting for another CC showcase! Thank u kitty! ❤️
Author: Bar
New subscriber
Author: Dailkis
Kitty, I want to get cc but my Dad won't let me because he doesn't trust websites and YouTubers tumblr that have cc or mods. How do you tell if websites are scams?
Author: Shakataxe
Thank you Kitty ^^ here @bowl-of-plumbobs. I'm so glad you enjoyed my cc. I love your simming style!


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