VideoStudio Pro X10 - Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]*

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Author: Daikasa
Can I download in multiple devices?
Author: Jugis
Can you tell me if x10.5 ultimate has improved the slow motion effect by interlacing the frames for a smoother effect?
Author: Meramar
your makes me sleepy, voice tone must change
Author: Dourg
Can you export a video to webm?
Author: Golabar
Stüdyo muzikŞehsuvar erdoğan
Author: Dakora
Nice video thanks for sharing. 😊 JP
Author: Ferg
So if I cut out a part of a clip in my video timeline, it automatically closes the gap between the clips. If I'm editing a separate audio track, it doesn't close the gap. Is there a way to have it close the gap automatically without me having to drag it around the timeline? When I do that, as the video goes on, it goes out of sync with the video clip.
Author: Tubei
Tried PIP and can’t do it I can’t bring 2 of me sitting on a sofa playing, tried to clone and I have difficulty with putting 2 of me together as 2 persons. Tried other clone tutorials and can’t do it.
Author: Bralabar
Hello, I have a problem with the audio:
Author: Arashinos
Can anyone help with that?
Author: Nikokora
I'm only using Video Studio because it can make DVDs as long as I don't have to do anything to the video but It's nearly impossible just to figure out how to import a file and I was able to trim one once before but can't find how to do it again now and haven't found any editing features at all! I think this is just a SCAM by the company to keep making bad programs that don't work so people will keep buying them in the hope that some day they might actually work!
Author: Vogami
hey after kind regards..
Author: Negal
you got a sweet voice !
Author: Vudogrel
Can i use in multiple devices at the same time?
Author: Mooguk
My upload video has sound but no pictures.
Author: Mauzahn
im interested in creating ann Audio DVD with menu's . Can it be possible replacing Video files with audio files? while creating the DVD? thanks
Author: Araran
Thank you; your video was helpful.
Author: Tazragore
Thank you. This is the first video on this topic that actually showed me how to do something useful beyond page 1 of the manual. As if there is one. So much stuff that is NOT obvious to the novice. Confusing, yes! All the other how to videos I have seen tell me what the editor can do, but give no explanations of HOW!!! Especially the ones from Corel! Literally self congratulating advertisements.
Author: JoJorisar
For some reason when i put a clip on my timeline, it doesn't fill up the whole preview screen. It letterboxes, and I can't use the notes to stretch it out manually. I tried the "resize to fit project" in the clips options screen, but that didn't work.
Author: Dogis
thanks for the general tutorial, but you you did not explain what is new in the Pro X10 version. Could you complete than this tutorial and tell more about motions and effects, please
Author: Nilkree
Good overview, much appreciated
Author: Nira
My video was smooth before I edited it, now it's much choppier and I didn't even edit it yet. Anything wrong?
Author: Kigagami
It's complicated.Sony Vegas is much easier to use.Too many things to remember in this version.
Author: Gugis
Thank you
Author: Dolkree
Author: Dokora
The program is good,but very poor transition in 3D & FX
Author: Gumuro
same video format 1080 can't work in that logiciel
Author: Gardajinn
Too slow it is.. what's wrong ?
Author: Tugrel
This is definitely an upgrade from what I have lol this helps a lot though👍
Author: Shagis
can i make customise motion for group of clips i need it nessesary for motion graphic works ???
Author: Nikokinos
Can you explain how can me put our damo or best part of our video in start of video like food recipe channel do video attractive
Author: Gubar
Can you please let me know how to do it step by step .
Author: Grolkis
Nice work getting started looks like I'm going to be busy for some time.
Author: Shaktimi
link for free download thanks
Author: Tygorn
Hi there, your tutorials are fantastic, I would like help with something, I am a musician playing guitar and would like to make a video playing guitar as 2 persons (like 2 of me) side by side.
Author: Shaktijar
Hi,can i put on a video with music some other song or a music?
Author: Dogor
Would be pleased if you help.
Author: Arashiran
Thank YOU for making it simple and to the point!
Author: Maugami
I have inserted a video and added an mp3 music file to it. When I play the whole project, the original video becomes slow motion, can’t figure out why.


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