The Peasants Revolt Of 1381 - Part Two (Medieval History Documentary) | Timeline

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Author: Barg
"Oh, they're not that bad."
Author: Arashicage
It is really cool that 600 years later, we still know these people's names. It's amazing. They live on forever by the telling of their tale
Author: Zulkiran
This revolt gave way to the starting point of the âge of discovery as john gantt went to the Iberian peninsula to fight for the Castilian crown and married one of his daughters to the King John I of Portugal. One of the offspring was Henry the Navigator ....
Author: Gujind
Baldrick you Legend I watched a history doc with a lesser historical man and they wouldn't let him pick up the head, a cunningly executed show I certainly plan on watching more Tony Robinson content
Author: Dougrel
I love the stunned look on the guy who gets out of the silver car in front of the Savoy when he sees the horsemen LOL
Author: Gudal
Rise up working class! Down with elitism.
Author: Arashidal
Beheading lawyers sounds like a great idea. Start with corporate ones.
Author: Fauzuru
600 years later, nothing has changed. The titles of the corrupt leadership may be different, but the corruption and repression are the same.
Author: Akizil
Interesting topic but thumbs down for ads every 6 minutes.
Author: Mahn
First rule of negotiating with tyrants. Don't negotiate......they don't believe you're equal to them and will always seek revenge.......that's why they're tyrants. Had they *the people) just wiped everyone out at the start........things would have changed.
Author: Kell
Wat Tyler seems to have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
Author: Vokazahn
You could continue this history and dig into the overseas implications of this revolt and the direction that it imprinted to some of the non present intervenient but nevertless important ones.
Author: Vudotaxe
.....”The rebels especially loathed the lawyers...” NOTHING has changed...
Author: Kazraran
Treacherous Richard certainly got his come-uppance when he visited sunny Pontefract in 1399!
Author: Voodooshura
Lesson learned from this story: Kill the king while you have the chance, do not trust his word.
Author: Goltizahn
Poor guy in the armor. I guess he pulled the short straw! 😂😂
Author: Faekora
They demanded a SHRUBBERY!
Author: Braran
Thank you! Totally inspiring; fair tax, fair rents and regional police forces and we are still waiting!
Author: Meztigal
Oh, the irony of watching a documentary about The Peasant's Revolt, interrupted incessantly by adverts for Nestle, banks, and car companies. Gives one a strong desire to start plundering.
Author: Kagajin
Really poor choice of music when trying to build image in my head
Author: Zuzshura
"The peasants are revolting."
Author: Samudal
ouch....8 blows.... I think the executioner was missing on purpose.
Author: Shaktilkree
Odd to hear blues slide guitar as background music for a documentary on 14th century British history...!


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