Short Eared Owl on a post at dusk

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Comments "Short Eared Owl on a post at dusk":

Author: Kajin
Have popped to Steart 3 Times now and haven't seen it, Won't give up , Yet ...
Author: Tauramar
Nice video..Subscribed :-) jr
Author: Dataxe
Aww cute have a wonderful weekend my friend 👍👍❤️❤️
Author: Guzahn
👍🤚awesome captures thanks for sharing
Author: Meztigrel
Nice movie. Beautiful bird.
Author: Yozshuzilkree
Awesome owl !!
Author: Tegis
Nice I still haven't seen one of these and been looking for awhile now...good channel, subbed...)
Author: Bagore
Hi, I just discovered your channel. you are doing very successful jobs. very nice and awesome video.
Author: Doujora
Beautiful owl 👍


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